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1/25 Sunday Mass & Clinic

Nancy Mason: So many emotions. How can one feel joy, sadness, excitement, nervousness, frustration, blessed all at once. We participated in Haiti Mass today – how they found extra parts to the service was interesting – lots of great singing. Yesterday and today we saw about 600 people in medical and dental clinics. They are happy to see us and very grateful. Such beautiful people. If we could hug them all it would be wonderful. The children like to get their photos taken and then look at the camera to see themselves. Mothers will ask us to take their toddlers photos. Everyone is working well together. We have an amazing team. This is my first trip to Haiti and I am so proud of my fellow co-workers and how well they have this clinic running. What is done here is tiring, but so very fulfilling. I am feeling so very grateful I have been given this opportunity. God is so good. Have a good night all our followers and partners in prayers back home.

Joelyn Harkema: I have read a few books from those who say they went to heaven and came back. One theme I have found is they describe the music they hear. I thought of this today while singing in church. I did not understand what they were singing but their voices were so beautiful; so full of life and joy. I imagine all that beautiful singing in heaven; all languages. Not having enough seats, there were people pressed up along side the building to listen. Oh, how we are blessed at home to have enough seats for those wanting to worship…
I was so nervous about knowing how to give care to these people. I can feel the prayers from those back home – easing my worries. I opened a card from my sister last night; her words so comforting. Only God can give me exactly what I need. I pray that I spread the light of God. He is so good; all the time!

Colleen Ryan: Today we dressed in our Sunday best and went straight to the church in the clinic. As mass began, everyone sang and were all so joyful even through all of the struggles. During the Mass they clapped for us and I felt truly as if I was part of the community. The Haitian people were so grateful and kind-hearted for us, and it was very touching throughout the mass. While money was collected, I noticed that most of these people, who have almost nothing, were giving money at each of the collections that were held. I loved how much energy was in the room and enjoyed all of their bright smiles. At the end of Mass we went outside and said hello to all the people, this was my favorite part.
They all said many thank you’s and were so happy that we were there. Soon after, we got back to work for another day of pharmacy. This day was shorter, but we filled many prescriptions and had a lot of work to do. At the end of clinic, we walked up with our train of little children behind us and finished off the day. I am very blessed to have been able to come, and I am looking forward to more good times in Seguin.

Joan Faith Bissonette: Today we had a special prayer service in the dental clinic in honor of Shirley Burnham who had been on every mission trip but two. We placed her holy card and prayer on the stove where she could always be found sterilizing dental instruments. We attended a wonderful mass with our Haitian family. It always amazes me how they can be dressed in such clean and pressed clothes with the conditions they live in. Witnessing their faith is truly humbling. After mass we came back to the rectory yard where the memorial cross in honor of Mary, Rita, Jim and Matt is and had our second special prayer service and sang “We Are Called.” In carrying on their mission, off to clinic we went. Our team is truly awesome. How blessed I am to be among them.

2 thoughts on “1/25 Sunday Mass & Clinic”

  1. Joelyn, (Mom)
    We are praying for you and the team. Sounds like God is using you and the others in great ways. You are letting your light shine and being a servent of Christ. We love you!!! Can’t wait to hear about it all when you get home.

    Mary, Lilly, Will and Jon

  2. Nancy, Kara showed us all the photos you sent her. We’re praying for you and your team and all the folks that you’re serving there!

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