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2/5 Collaborative Effort – Welcome Home!

The excitement builds as we get ready to pick up the team at the airport.  My heart is full of gratitude to so many who have made this trip possible – I won’t list names because there are sooo many to list.  Thanks to the medical team members for their selfless giving of time and talent, to those who wanted to go but did not make it this time – There is still more work to be done, and there will be more trips to look forward to – , to the co-workers back home who filled in and went the extra mile, to the buyers and packers of medical supplies and food, to the media who got the word out and are still keeping Haiti in the news, to those who thought of and prayed for all involved – Wow, that power of prayer is amazing! – , to the generous givers who shared so much – plane, world phone, financial contributions, medical supplies, etc., etc., – , to those who followed the blog even with so little info. coming in.  I hope the team members will continue to share their experiences here.  Stay tuned for more news on future trips!

 A huge thank you goes out to the Haitian people for singing praises simply for having life even while losing families, homes, limbs, what little they had.  What physical and emotional trauma they have to deal with.  The newsmakers, rioters, and looters are in the minority.  The majority of the people are gentle, kind, hard-working, respectful, and resourceful.  The beauty of the mountains, water, and people is indescribable.  Once you’ve been there, the people capture your heart!  Welcome home!  Paula

2 thoughts on “2/5 Collaborative Effort – Welcome Home!”

  1. Amen and well said Paula!! Right now (if they are on time!!) the team should be coming in to GR airport. What a life changing few weeks this has been for all of us and I’m sure this team will never be the same because of what they have seen and done. Thanks to all of those mentioned in the post… the entire team is amazing!! God can do awesome things when people listen to Him and offer themselves. So welcome home and job well done!! I am looking forward to the plans for the next trip. And Tim & Paula, you’ll be excited to know that I have at least 7-8 more RNs who are very interested in traveling in some of the upcoming trips!! (there may even be more, but these are the ones who have talked to me so far!) We will have to talk but DEFINATELY AFTER you’ve settled back home and given your family some love and attention!! Nice work everyone! God Bless….

  2. Thanks, Paula, for all the sacrifices you and the girls made to ensure that Tim could carry all of our love to Haiti. We really appreciated your updates and I hope the winter storm didn’t delay their flight and that you are all together as a family. You remain in our prayers. Our family prays for God’s continued blessings on your family and on all those who made this trip (and future trips) possible. But we especially pray for our friends in Haiti who are safeguarding our hearts. Let me know how I can help. If you need help writing thank yous to donors, etc., let me know.

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