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A Great Ending of an Awesome Trip

Maggie Kane ~ Yesterday was a great ending of an awesome trip. We went to the orphanage, and the kids there were so cute and just loved to be loved. It was so cool being where Mother Theresa lived and worked. We then went to the museum, which wasn’t really up my alley but still some interesting things to see there. We went to a look out point. It was very beautiful and had some great food there. At the end of the day, we had to say goodbye to a few of our translators. They were awesome people, so as you can imagine it was not easy to do. I had an amazing time on this trip. 10/10 definitely would recommend.


Dan Lenkiewicz ~ As we prepare to leave Haiti I am very impressed with the compassion of the girls on this trip. Under less than their usually living standards, they have shown ability to relate with the people of this country . From the adults and teenage boys in the Seguin to the babies in the orphanage, the girls have overcome the language and cultural barriers to have a positive experience and impact on the Haiti community. I am looking forward to getting back to my own bed and of especially my wife.


Becca Dull ~ It’s 81 degrees right now and sunny, it’s been awesome here. I don’t want to leave yet because I’ve had such a great time here. I’ve learned so much here and I’m so grateful for what I have back home. I’ve learned to just deal with it and not complain. Coming here has been such an amazing experience,e and I intend to come back again soon. 


Olivia Kelbel ~ Yesterday was the end of a very influential trip. It was super sad to have our interpreters leave. Today we were able to sleep in, but of course Kenzie and I woke up at 5:30 again… This trip has helped me really see how God works all over in countless ways. I am so glad I got the opportunity to be a part of this and grow closer to the girls, they’re awesome! (: I wish I could say I get to go home and sleep in my own bed but I’m gone for another 6 days!!(: 


Lauren Buczkowski ~ It is only 10 in the morning and already almost 90 degrees! Today is another long day of traveling (hopefully we won’t be stuck on a plane for eight hours this time! I’m soaking in every last ray of sun in this beautiful country before I head back to snowy Grand Rapids. This trip was amazing and exceeded my expectations in every way. When people ask me to show them pictures or describe the trip, it is impossible. This mission trip can only be truly understood first-hand. Many are worried of disease and are frightened to see the poverty in third world countries, but 2/3 of God’s name is GO. Go serve the Lord. 


Tom Krueger ~ April 7, 2016 and we are headed home.  My time in Haiti was certainly eye opening.  The abject poverty and the lack of basic resources we take for granted is everywhere.  But also is the compassion and gratefulness of the people of Seguin.  However, this blog is more about the fifteen girls who chose to give up their spring break to serve those less fortunate.  In a word….impressive.  These young ladies are strong, smart and compassionate.  They never hesitated to “roll up their sleeves” and do what was needed to make life just a little better for people they will likely never see again.  There were a lot of physically and emotionally challenging moments, and the girls never complained, never wavered in their desire to help.  That they are good kids is an understatement, they are an inspiration to me and everyone they come in contact with.  Thank you to Tim, Dan, Michael and every one of the fifteen girls for teaching me how to be more compassionate, loving and unselfish.  God bless them all.  

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