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All is Well!! Last Night in Seguin

izzabellaIzzy Babkowski ~ It’s hard to believe that tonight is our last night in Seguin. I have no desire to go back home because I feel so welcome and at home here. Everyone here treats us like family. We closed the clinic down a little early today and packed up and cleaned the clinic. We had a lot of helpers from the village that helped us run the clinic smoothly and also helped clean up. To celebrate the last night we had a delicious feast of chicken, vegetables, fried plantains, fresh french fries, popcorn and cookies. Although I am very sad to leave Seguin I am excited to go swimming in the Sea of Antilles tomorrow and lay on the beach in Jacmel, even if it is for just an hour during our long journey back to Port-au-Prince. I am so thankful to be able to go on this trip again and I hope that I will be able to continue coming back to Seguin as much as I can after I am done with graduate school. There’s no place like home (Seguin)!

ericaErika Simonds ~ What an incredible week in Seguin! We were able to clean and extract so many teeth for the school children and adults here! In the short time we’ve been here, the Haitians have become close friends. It seems like I’ve learned something new about the Haitian culture every day. Most people in Seguin buy all of their supplies (food, clothes, etc.) from a market on the street every Thursday. The people here have hard (and mostly manual) jobs that they work from sun up to sun down. It breaks my heart to hear the stories of the teenagers here who have to work to provide for their families but have never had the chance to attend any level of school. When I stepped outside of my familiar bubble in the U.S., it really opened my eyes to the countless blessings in my life that I take advantage of on a daily basis. Despite all of this, I’ve learned that the Haitians are hospitable and friendly people who love to love others.

stephStephanie Braun ~ This trip was such an incredible experience. My first trip to Seguin was the student mission trip as an alternative spring break, but this dental trip was so much different in the best way possible. Although this trip was a lot more work and we were inside the clinic most of the days, I did not experience as much culture shock and was opened to the amazing things of Haiti. One of the best things about Seguin is how little these people have and how happy and appreciative of the things they have they are. I never want to leave this place because when I am here I just cannot help but smile!!! As our final night we are hanging out with our good friends of two years on the front porch, and we are packing up for a long day on the road down the mountain to the beach. The beach in Jacmel is only thing that can drag me away from this beautiful place. I hope this is only the beginning of my trips.

laurenLauren Buczkowski ~ Haiti is home. Haiti is home to children with smiling faces and hearts open to love. Haiti is home to mothers and fathers working endless hours to support their families. Haiti is home to the hopeful and the intelligent. Lastly, Haiti is home to me.There is a verse from a song I love that reads, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.”  This verse has revealed itself to me through my presence in this beautiful country. From sharing a single bathroom with twenty girls on a previous trip to watching hundreds of teeth get extracted every day, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and grown immensely in my faith. I come to Haiti to help others, but realized that they have helped me more. They have opened my eyes to God’s great love and the beauty of his creation. I have a surplus of love for this country and the people that walk the land. I intend to come back for years to come and am not ready to leave the ones I love here.

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