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Anniversary Cross and Lanterns Tribute

KyleKyle Ramthun- Good Evening. It is June the 11th, and it’s hard to believe our trip is well over half over. We had another full day of clinic– over 400 patients yesterday, over 300 patients yesterday (not even including the dental clinic). It’s great to see a full clinic. Patients seem to be genuinely concerned about their health. The team camaraderie has risen to an excellent level. It makes it easier to be successful when the whole team has a common mission and mindset. The Lord is very present here in Haiti, even before we came. Faith in God transcends all language and geographic barriers. Always be thankful and have a healthy, heavenly perspective.




ShirleyShirley Burnham  Tonight we had a lovely tribute for our four friends who left us 5 months ago today. 4 hot air lanterns were lit and then we gathered in the corner where there are stone benches. Father unveiled the cross that we brought from the US plus the plant that came from PAP. We sang Amazing Grace and then came in for a toast.
P.S. 107 dental patients, 182 teeth pulled. The unusual thing was Peterson pulled a molar, and the tooth next to it came out too. They were attached together,




1 KellyKelly Ryan- Haiti is beautiful, and I can’t believe that my trip is almost over. Pharmacy with Debbie is so much fun, and our interpreter David is great. Yesterday we learned from a local woman how to balance buckets on our heads, and a group of boys and I played soccer for a while, me in flip flops giving me ‘Haiti feet’ that were very, very red with dirt. Tonight we lit off lanterns for Jim, Rita, Mary, and Matt in a very pretty tribute ending in the unveiling of the cross made by a Holy Spirit parishioner. I don’t want to end clinic tomorrow and I feel as though we could keep going forever. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers along with the people of Seguin.

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