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Back in the USA … on flat ground

gerri2Gerri Farley  Back in the States with the best team of people ever! We had a fabulous Mission Trip- learned lots about ourselves, each other and our Faith. The Haitian people are warm and giving and share many of our hopes and dreams. We made a lot of friends and established many healing relationships.





ShirleyShirley Burnham  Dental clinic was super busy the last day. Whew! It was welcoming to get back on flat ground. If there was a way to get to Seguin without going up and down two big mountains -one paved and the other so rough we can only go 10-15 miles an hour (and sometimes we have to inch over some really rough spots), it would be great. It was hot in PAP but enjoyed the cool breeze up on the patio at night. Shirley

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