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Busy and Blessed Days

Don Swanson ~ Today is the third day of clinic.  118 people had teeth pulled today alone. It is amazing how many very young kids have teeth that need to be pulled.  Hopefully some of the things we are doing like fluoride treatments and education will make a difference.  Some… Read More »Busy and Blessed Days

Arrived in Fond Parisien

The St. Michael’s Remus Dental Team has arrived in Fond Parisien.  They were delayed a bit yesterday due to Don’s lost suitcase which came on a later flight.  He is happy to have his underwear and continue the trip.  The group had a nice visit with Father Vilnor and is… Read More »Arrived in Fond Parisien

Team Haiti 2017

 Tim Ryan ~ This was a great group for me to travel with this year to Haiti.  Pause for a little disclaimer:  I have never had a bad group.  This team delivered water filters, purchased by the Holy Spirit School students who raised money during Advent, so families could live… Read More »Team Haiti 2017

Swimming in the Caribbean Sea

The group arrived safely down the mountain, enjoyed swimming in the warm sea, and are now relaxing at the guest house.  On the agenda tomorrow is visiting Mother Teresa’s Orphanage and touring Port au Prince.

Last Night in Seguin

Tonight most of the group is too busy to blog. Bearenger Petrella ~ Our last full day in Seguin was full of adventure.  We woke up and had a great breakfast.  After eating, the team loaded up the cars and headed out for ‘Ryan’s Peak.’  We drove through a forest… Read More »Last Night in Seguin

Sunday, April 2nd

Abby Rakus ~ Today, we started off the day by attending a Catholic Mass. It was so cool seeing the Haitian people get into the music! It was awesome seeing a different perspective of our faith and how we celebrate it. Then, we headed out to the mountains to tarp… Read More »Sunday, April 2nd