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Busy and Blessed Days

Don Swanson ~ Today is the third day of clinic.  118 people had teeth pulled today alone. It is amazing how many very young kids have teeth that need to be pulled.  Hopefully some of the things we are doing like fluoride treatments and education will make a difference.  Some of the kids almost seem excited to come in to have a tooth pulled.  Yesterday, we stopped at LaRoche to see the cistern and have a blessing for it.  We found a few things that need to be improved.  But, overall it looked like a good system.   I am so proud of all the hard work and life dedication that my mom has put into the cistern project.  Truly, many lives are improved because of this.  We have a great group of dentists, interpreters and St. Michael’s folks that are working well together.   2 more days of clinic left.

Bob Swanson ~ So far so good on the trip but the dental clinics have not been as busy as we were last year.  It does really trouble me that so many of the people we are seeing in the clinic are small children,  I only hope that in the long run the fluoride treatments we are using now will make a difference in future years.  Yesterday after church we went to LeRoche along with Fr. Leland and they blessed the cisterns.  It was nice to see them although they were not full.  Apparently they had a break in one of the shut off valves and they lost much of the water.  They are planning to replace the valves so they will be stronger for use over the years.  The cisterns really looked good.  What a blessing from St. Michael’s to have those put into LeRoche so they can now have water during their dry season.  After the blessing we did the varnish treatments on all the kids in LeRoche.  I am hoping that will really make a difference for the kids’ teeth.  Has been a good trip so far.  I am always in awe of the great work that the Parish of St. Michael’s does in Haiti.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.  Looking forward to the next two days in clinic.

Louis Gula ~ We started Sunday with Mass at 7:30. It was a grateful joyous celebration with full choir and all sung parts joined. Nothing was rushed, I could not understand the sermon Father delivered but you tell with his animation that he not only believed but inspired the congregation at the worship.  He introduced all of the team including the doctors and translators. I was asked to give a few words after Mass – before the final blessing and so I did at the urging of our group.  TODAY was a full day of clinic. We got familiar with our stations, and I was kind of placed in the sterilization section. As we wound down I wondered about experiencing  a tooth ache and having no option but to have it pulled. Extraction happens the same way here as anywhere else. No complications – they do use numbing. It’s hot again and I know I will appreciate air at home.

Tim Ryan ~ Clinic is moving right along.  It bothers me a great deal that we are pulling children’s teeth.  It reminds me of the early days in Seguin of pulling kids’ teeth.  The great thing about Seguin is we have seen great progress with the children and now pull only one or two kids’ teeth per year.  Many years of education paid off.  Now we start over in a new area and are hoping that what was learned in Seguin can advance the process of educating children so future generations will be able to keep their teeth.  Thank you for all the prayers!

LaVina Dise ~ Yesterday was a very hard day. We went to Mass at 7:30 AM, 2 hours long, but beautiful. The music was wonderful. After Mass we changed clothes and went to LaRoche for the Blessing of the cistern.  Again it was beautiful, the girls sang for us. After that we went to the dentist clinic. Boy, we sure worked hard. We had 97 people. We didn’t get back to St. Joe’s until 7:30 PM.   Today was another hard day. We had 120 people and we went through the bag to see what we had and what we need for the next trip. You know me… I want everything in order. Poor Tim, I had him on his toes. We have been blest so far, and God sure is with us. Your prayers are working, Thank you so much. Don’t stop. I will see you soon.

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  1. Lou,
    So far it has been cool/damp and rainy since you’ve been gone. Definitely haven’t had the air conditioning on.
    Sincerely have enjoyed the blog.

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