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2013 June Seguin Medical & Dental Team

Great Team

Tim Ryan  The team of 14 from the USA combined with the Haiti members of our team filled out the team to 21 members.  During the 4 days of clinic both teams were able to treat approximately 2,000 people in Seguin.  This mission trip was far different from past trips with… Read More »Great Team

Mike LaPonsie June 6, 2013

Mike LaPonsie June 11 Tributes to Jim, Rita, Matt, and Mary.  After dark Tuesday we commemorated Jim and Rita Cwengros, Matt Kutsche and Mary LaPonsie with special activities and remembrances. We started by launching large floating lanterns in front of the rectory into the pitch black Seguin sky. Lighting fire… Read More »Mike LaPonsie June 6, 2013

Monday, June 10

Tom Badaluco. On my first medical mission I am very fortunate to be with a Totally dedicated group of both Americans and Haitians in Seguin, Haiti. This area of the country is very different than the island of LaGonave. It is much cooler and green. The hills of Seguin are… Read More »Monday, June 10

Sunday, June 9

On Friday on our way up the mountain we visited the memorial for Jim and Rita Cwengros, Matt Kutsche and Mary. It’s absolutely beautiful! Medical clinic is going great and I’m enjoying it. I feel Mary’s spirit shining strong. I spoke at mass this morning about Jim, Rita, Matt and… Read More »Sunday, June 9

Saturday, June 8

Hello to all, We set up and also had a ½ day in the clinic today. We all worked hard and are also having lots of laughs. We cared for a lot of people today, and they cared for us as well. Everyone is healthy thus far. Blessings, Gerri First… Read More »Saturday, June 8