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2015 Seguin Medical & Dental Team

Back in Port au Prince

The group has arrived safely in Port au Prince after a 9-hour trek down the mountain. They will be flying home Friday. Yeah!

1/28, Amazing

Wednesday Blog 1/28 Colleen Ryan: Today was the last day in Seguin for clinic. I had an extraordinary trip and I am extremely excited for many more! I’m going to miss the whole village, the mountains, the beauty of Haiti, the clinic, the children, and the joy of the Haitian… Read More »1/28, Amazing

Making Great Strides

Joan Faith Bissonette: Unbelievable! We finished clinics early today compared to yesterday when everybody was so tired out and many of us were a little under the weather. Everybody was in bed by 7:30 pm! A big shout out to our marvelous team. Dr. Marsiglia, Dr. Murray, Dr. Ralph (Haitian),… Read More »Making Great Strides

Monday, January 26

Gary Bissonette: Today is a first in ten years coming to Seguin. We actually closed clinic by 4 pm because there were no more patients outside wanting to be seen. We still saw about 350 patients but they are much more healthy than in years past. We are not seeing… Read More »Monday, January 26

1/25 Sunday Mass & Clinic

Nancy Mason: So many emotions. How can one feel joy, sadness, excitement, nervousness, frustration, blessed all at once. We participated in Haiti Mass today – how they found extra parts to the service was interesting – lots of great singing. Yesterday and today we saw about 600 people in medical… Read More »1/25 Sunday Mass & Clinic

First Day of Clinic

Jan 24 in the USA – At the Evening of Praise and Worship at Holy Spirit Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, all gathered there prayed for a safe and spirit-filled mission. Jan 24, 2015, in Seguin, Haiti – Lori DeBruyne: Today was the first day of clinic. We started about… Read More »First Day of Clinic

First Night in Haiti

It’s my first visit to Haiti. My husband has been here several times. It’s my first night and I’m humbled by the people. As we drove around the city I already have a sense of why so many people on the team say that they hate to leave. Enjoyed the… Read More »First Night in Haiti

First Day in Haiti

Today was my first day ever in Haiti, and it was amazing. On the plane coming into Haiti we saw the Bahamas on our flight and enjoyed the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Close to Haiti we were all shocked by the beauty of the island. Covered in mountains, it… Read More »First Day in Haiti