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2016 Seguin Dental Team

So Grateful!

Catherine Mish ~ We are back in the Atlanta airport today, having flown in from Port au Prince this morning.  We had to go through immigration, and then customs, and then another TSA screening.  It was a long 10 day trip to Haiti, and we are glad to be back,… Read More »So Grateful!

January 14

The group has arrived safely down the mountain and is resting at the guest house.  They saw hundreds of patients, pulled hundreds of teeth, did cleanings and restorations, and got to enjoy a little time at the beach today.

Career change for AJ

Today was our fourth day of clinic.  I assisted Dr. Pascal with restorations.  It was amazing how he could take a tooth that was practically gone and rebuild it into something that looked like a perfect tooth.  It has been fun seeing the kids whom I met six years ago… Read More »Career change for AJ


Hello to everyone, from Seguin: Everything is going well at the dental clinic.  We went to Mass this morning and started clinic around 11 am. Kelly, Izzy, AJ and I all got to pull teeth this morning, and Kelly also put in some sutures. The dentists are pulling a lot of teeth… Read More »Sunday

Hello, Seguin!

The dental group arrived safely up in the mountain village Thursday night.  Tomorrow they will set up the clinic and start seeing patients.