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Children Touched Our Hearts Today

 Tricia Kortering:  Today….well today… Not yet to our medical clinic city. Stayed in Delmas neighborhood at Wall’s guesthouse behind large walls with an armed guard. People are  everywhere trying to sell things to make money to feed their families and just get by. We have had many moments of not being able to express any thoughts to these people whatsoever. So, we learned some key phrases today, “I don’t understand” and “what is your name?”. We learned these phrases from two interpreters Patrick and Wes who have been helping us get around and see the city. Today we traveled through downtown with PACKED streets of vendors and people walking everywhere with no thoughts about the car that is driving towards them. Thoughts rush through our heads about this way of life. More of a “day-to-day” life instead of the “planning for the future 401k” type of life. Buying mini bags of water to drink and buffing cars as they are driving in the street to try and make a tip. Life. But you know what? We saw smiles. We saw friends. Amidst everything in the differences between cultures there is still laughter and love which does shine through this community. Sometimes we get caught up in life…planning too much for the future when our earthly lives could end at any second and our eternal lives would begin. What are we living for? Things and security? Or our faith? That thought penetrated me today, as I am sure others

Mother Teresa’s Orphanage was full of little children just looking for love and a friend to hold them. We were able to be those friends today and it was a very rewarding time. Little kids who still giggle, make mischief, and love on you, but also children without homes, families, or a solid support system. These children touched our hearts today. How often in life do we trust complete strangers to pick us up and let us cuddle them? These kids were crying out for it and so loving of the time that they had with you that when you set them down they would cry out for you to pick them up again. They wanted US again, complete strangers. But love, they yearned for love. How many people do we encounter everyday who are yearning for love, from a complete stranger…from God? People needing someone to pick them up to show them what love really means. Not the love that is momentary and puts you down on the floor when it has to leave, but the love God has shown us when He picks us up and NEVER let’s go!

Off to St. Jacques tomorrow. Prayers for our 7 hour car ride 🙂

Not sure how much news we will be able to send from the church.  Thanks for your prayers and support this week!

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