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Cookies for Valentine’s Day

laurenLauren Buczkowski ~ Today was another tiring day of work. Many kids and adults got their teeth extracted, and I assisted the dentists. Again, it was incredible to see how tough the kids were during treatment. As we walk to and from the clinic, kids grab onto our hands and are in awe of our presence there. It’s an amazing feeling to be here helping these grateful children every day.

stephStephanie Braun  ~ Happy Valentines Day!! Today was day three in the clinic and we started at 8 and finished at 5 again. It started sprinkling and then pouring in Seguin, therefore all of our patients had super muddy feet. We had some great music on, and the dentists were singing and dancing; loving your American tunes. This little boy came up and gave me a kiss, and it was so cute. All of the young children love to smile and hold your hand. The cooks in the rectory even made us some delicious cookies for dessert tonight!

annaAnna Babkowski ~ My  7th trip here, but I’m always amazed of the beauty of the area as if it were my first. People welcome us here always with smiles, waves and even hugs. Every morning I get up early. I sit on the porch drinking my coffee just looking at the landscape of Segiun.  Ten minutes of that meditation, and I’m ready for a new day. Hustle and bustle starts here early, that includes donkeys and rosters.

Day three in clinic, things are going quite well. Our mission this year is to see and screen as many school kids as we can, do teeth cleanings, fluoride, and restorations. Our dental doctors’ team is working hard, quite nice and caring people. I’m seeing a lot of progress in dental hygiene, not so many extractions, and quite a few fillings that need to be done.  Over all we are heading in the right direction. I’m very thankful for all the prayers that were sent our way. Happy Valentine day, my friends! Crisna made us cookies 🙂

12 thoughts on “Cookies for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Stephanie, that’s amazing how they made you guys cookies even though they hardly have enough for themselves. That’s cool how the kids liked the American tunes. Wow, 8 to 5, that’s a very long shift but it’s for a good cause. Do you get more rain here then there? Keep up the good work and keep helping all those in need.

  2. Stephanie- What was it like when it rained in Haiti? Was it damaging for them or not really? What is the music like there? The kids sounds really cute! I know they appreciate you guys so much! Your in our prayers.

  3. It’s so cool that your helping out there. I didn’t think about how bad they needed dental care. I’m sure that helping out all the Hatians would be so much fun. It’s good to know that even with how little they have they’ll give you food instead of keeping it for themselves.

  4. It’s such a great thing that you all are doing helping all of these people! It’s so inspiring to see what you all do for the poor people of Haiti. I would hope to go there someday and help people as well. Thank for everything you’re doing and we’re keeping you in our prayers!

  5. Anna,
    It is really awesome that you have been to Haiti 7 times! It’s amazing how even though they have so little, they still are so joyful and welcome you with hugs and smiles as you said. We are praying for you!

  6. Stephanie, do the days go by fast, or do they feel like a really long time? Was the rain worse in Haiti, or in the U.S.? It sounds very fun to have been singing and dancing with the Haitian people. Were they good dancers? It’s very sweet that all the kids love you guys. You are in our prayers!

  7. Lauren: I think it amazing how they’ve already created such an attachment to you and the other people on the trip. Do you feel happy at the end of each day even though it seems really tiring? I hope the rest of your trip is great and exciting each day.

  8. Lauren,
    How cool is it to treat the kids? It sounds like it is moving when the kids come up to you and hold your hands! We are praying for you back home!

  9. Anna, I think it’s awesome that you find peace in seguin even though there is so much that has happened there. Do you ever wonder what Haiti would be like if people like you never came to help the good people there.

  10. Anna, that’s a lot of trips you’ve made to help people in need. It sounds great that you’re welcomed there. It is also interesting that you meditate in the morning. How beautiful is it out there? How do you compare the beauty there to America’s beauty? How much rain do you get there? Thank you for the good work.

  11. Hi all, how are you guys doing? Were the cookies good? Are you having fun? I can’t say it enough, how much respect we have for you. Stay safe and God Bless!

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