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Denise Brink Update 3/23

We had our first full day of clinic today and the volumes were amazing. We’re estimating that we saw approximately 300 people.  The majority of complaints were all primary care stuff… cough, runny nose, reflux, etc.  But we did have a few good “catches.”  Jim saw a man with rheumatic fever, Kim had a man that had a tree fall on his foot and particially amputated his toe.  His toe was necrotic and required debridement.  It was finally bandaged and he referred to a hospital in Jeremie where he was required to bring his own bed sheet, food, anitbiotics and pain medication.  I’m not so sure how that would fly in the States!  The saddest thing I saw today was a 3 month old baby that was was born 2 months premature.  Mom and baby were in PAP at the time of the earthquake.  Mom reported she wasn’t breast feeding anymore because she had no more milk.  She was able to feed the baby 3oz of formula 3 times a day.  She cannot afford formula to feed the baby any more than that.   We’ve seen a lot of people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  This mom’s breast milk quit right after the earthquake.  This poor baby is starving.  Fortunately we were able to give her money to get formula.  Please pray for this little baby. 
Gotta go… they’re calling for dinner!


3 thoughts on “Denise Brink Update 3/23”

  1. I LOVE that you have internet!! So glad you are able to do such good work. Praying for you & your families back home. May God continue to Bless each of you as you bless others!! Love, DeLynn

    {{hugs}} to you all!!!

  2. Denise,
    Thanks for the update!! Continuing to pray for safety and good health for your group, and that God will continue to use you all to be a blessing to the people of Haiti…I have no doubt that they will be a blessing to you!!

  3. Hey Denise, thinking of you every day. Thanks for the update. Glad that little baby came to you for care. So sad. Will be praying for all of you. TC

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