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Dental Clinic in the Mountains

Daniel Swanson ~ We were able to make our second trip up to the village of Thoman today and held the dental clinic again.  Today we were able to make it through ninety one people in even less time.  Outside of the clinic it has been great to spend time around St. Joseph Fond Parisian.  They have fed us extremely well everyday and are always beyond friendly towards us.  Their hospitality has been a blessing to come back to everyday.  Other than that, I am enjoying this trip very much and am thankful for the opportunity to travel with everyone here.

Terri Swanson ~ We went to early morning Mass this morning.  The dental team had
another busy day.  They served many people. It is enjoyable to keep supplies ready for the dentists and to assist them in choosing instruments. The younger people in our group, Hannah and Daniel find time to enjoy the children playing a little soccer and whiffle ball. They all enjoy the candy. We had an interesting morning meeting with the man from ‘Gift of Water’.  This is a very satisfying and fun trip. So many things seeming to fall in place,  I know it is all the prayers.

LaVina Dise ~ What a day, it is so HOT here that I’m melting away (Don’t I wish). But it was a very good day for us today. Terri and Bob and Father met with ‘Gift of Water’ today and it looks like we are getting the water purifiers for the people in LaRoche. We had 91 patients, and we did put a good day work in today. We also, talked to Father on all the things we were trying to get answers. We will get a full report when we get home.

Hannah Swanson ~ Today was another successful day at the dental clinic.  Each day seems to be getting hotter and hotter.. In the clinic, we helped 91 people from all ages. The little ones getting teeth pulled just broke my heart.  Many of the things that we came to do are starting to come together, and we are finding ways to complete it.  So interested to see how Mass is tomorrow.  This trip has been amazing so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next couple of days!

Bob Swanson ~ Today was another really good day.  We started out the day meeting with people from Gift of Water.  I think we made some good progress and and have put a plan in place to get 100 water filtration systems in pace for families in LeRoche.  There is still a lot of work to do with this project but today was a great step in the right direction. Our afternoon was spent in the dental clinic and saw more people than yesterday.  It has been a great experience being here and has been awesome to be able to share this experience with my mom, my daughter, and my nephew.

Tim Ryan ~ Happy to be here with this team.  Moving the dental clinic to the mountains has worked out really well.  We are seeing many people who we would not have seen had we done the clinic at sea level.  Plus the views are some of the best in Haiti … with the exception of Ryan’s peak.

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