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Dr. Bruce Murray (Jan 2010 team member)

Home in the USA. We take so much for granted here. I thought my trip to Haiti would help the people in need there and I know it did, but it also helped me. My vision is clearer now on what is really important in life. The Haiti people are amazing. I awoke each  midnight to them singing praises to Him, for the glory of another day. They are so thankful. Waiting in lines often for 8 hours, yet smiling and thanking us for being there. The country is so beautiful, but the city is in ruins. Amazingly the crosses remain amongst churches in rubble. We had an amazing team. Everyone brought something unique to the team and it amazes me how one common goal can unite and produce. 6000+ people in a short time. The faces, images, smells, and sounds will not soon fade. I look forward to my return. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. Bruce Murray

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