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February 8, Smiles & Laughter

Lauren Hathaway- We washed our hair this morning!!! Good start to a good day. The smiles are more frequent and laughs are harder than ever. Before lunch we took a little break and visited the market. It’s a big event every Thursday in Seguin and it was fun to walk through, soaking up the sunshine and atmosphere around us. We are all fighting off a slight cold so when we got done in the clinic early tonight it was a bit of a treat to get a chance to hang out and recuperate at the rectory. I am still in awe of how much the people who live in Seguin love us. Their faces light up whenever they see a “blanc” and a crowd of children always comes running. My heart is warmed when I realize how much we really do impact their lives- whether it’s a squeeze of the hand, a real act of service, etc. But the real thing that gets me is how much they actually are changing me. I honestly think the people here are helping me more than I help them, simply by sharing their loving hearts. God has sent me so many blessings in my short stay in this lovely place!

Maddie Sprite- As much as I miss home and all of my people there, I feel like the people of Seguin are a new part of my life now; people that I never want to abandon.  The second I leave the rectory at 8 in the morning, my heart is warmed by several children running after me, either wanting just a hand to hold on the way down the hill to school or a hug that they haven’t received in weeks.  It completely blows my mind that these people here still manage to put the biggest smiles on their faces, laugh at nearly everything, and want to serve ME in their village, despite the fact that they are truly suffering inside.  It is so fun to try and communicate with them when we both speak two totally different languages, still finding a little bond and sharing a laugh through hand gestures or little phrases that we know in Creole or them in English.  My heart is so full here.  It is heart warming to see all of these people walking into a dental clinic actually wanting to come in, even with the pain, because they are so desperate to receive this service.  I am so happy that I can be a part of giving that to them.. a little sliver of happiness in their lives.  The days are dwindling down which breaks my heart, but I am forever grateful that I always have a part of them with me wherever we go.  I can’t wait to visit Haiti again, as the blessings will continue no matter how many times I come here.  Much love.

Megan Braun- I cannot believe the way the children look at me whenever I walk past them, they reach out as if they have never had a hand to hold or a body to hug. The children in the school are so unexplainably happy with the privilege they have to be learning. They are all so obedient to the teachers and the dentists even when they are getting their teeth pulled they still are good listeners. I am so lucky to be here and be able to hold the hands of scared children awaiting something they most likely have never seen before. At the market today there was at least 2 miles of people sitting on the dirt streets in the hot sun with their goods. There was a donkey parking lot haha because all of the people brought their goods in on their donkeys. I am so overwhelmed with the love I feel here from the children by a simple grab of the arm or the never letting go of the hand. I am so sad tomorrow is the last day I will be at the school and probably never going to see any of these kids again… I hope to some day to visit here again, it keeps getting better and better.

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  1. Karen Sprite- reading your letters has touched my heart. You are all so kind and giving. There is no better feeling than making a positive impact in someone’s life and you are doing this a such a much needed level. Miss you Maddie. Praying for a safe trip back home. Love mom

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