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First Day in Haiti

Today was my first day ever in Haiti, and it was amazing. On the plane coming into Haiti we saw the Bahamas on our flight and enjoyed the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Close to Haiti we were all shocked by the beauty of the island. Covered in mountains, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. When we arrived and left the chaotic airport, Port au Prince was different than the United States by a long run. There were markets everywhere, and people casually walked down the busy streets. Although there were no stop signs everyone knew their own ways around the crowded city. As everyone in our car pointed at exciting things to see, we all took in the scenery. After arriving at Matthew 25, I also had a different experience … the 7Up drink in Haiti is, in my opinion, so much better than in the United States. I had a wonderful first day, and I am excited for many more. -Colleen Ryan

In the morning, we all met at the airport as we waited to board our first flight to Chicago. The flight was very short and most people were sleeping. After the peaceful flight (that was slightly late due to the weather) we rushed to our next flight to Fort Lauderdale. This flight was a little longer, but it was easy to sleep. Once we landed we had a few hours before our next flight. We ate at Chili’s, then bought coffee. We got on our flight to Port au Prince. It was not very long, and we were very early. We then went in the airport and picked up our luggage. We then packed all our luggage onto a van and arrived at Matthew 25. It was a great first day. -Bearenger Petrella

3am came early today! 🙂 Our flight was on time and we barely made it to the connecting flight. We arrived early in Port-Au-Prince. It is very humid and hot here. Dinner was salad, rolls, and pasta. We are bonding tonight – there are 8 of us here now. The rest of the team comes tomorrow. We have the back bedroom tonight. Not a lot of people here today at Matthew 25 House. Tomorrow we are going to the Orphanage and sight seeing. – Looking forward to our journey! Early to bed tonight! -Lori DeBruyne

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