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First Day of Clinic

Jan 24 in the USA – At the Evening of Praise and Worship at Holy Spirit Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, all gathered there prayed for a safe and spirit-filled mission.

Jan 24, 2015, in Seguin, Haiti – Lori DeBruyne: Today was the first day of clinic. We started about 8am and saw our first patient at 10:00. I worked in the dental clinic and took care of all the sterilizing of the equipment. Two new dentists have joined the team. One female dentist, and one male. Great group of people! We ended clinic at 4:30. Tomorrow is church at 8am. We have been singing and praying together as a group every evening. Having a great time. So blessed to be able to help the people of Seguin!

Colleen Ryan: This was my first day of clinic, and it was absolutely amazing. I helped out in the pharmacy and enjoyed filling out prescriptions throughout the day of clinic. After the patients were not coming as much at the end of the day, Bearenger and I went to play with the Haitian children. As we danced and skipped around in a circle, we loved their cute little dances. As we walked up the hill towards the rectory, the Haitian children followed along and we soon played frisbee with them. A few of us climbed up to the roof, and we soon climbed down and ate dinner. I loved this day and I am very excited for many more. I love the people of Seguin, and I am very blessed that I could come.

Kelly Ryan: This is my fifth first day of clinic here in Seguin. It was very similar to others except that we had to make the pharmacy mobile so that church can be held in its place. I am so excited to teach Colleen, Bearenger, and Jake how to work in the pharmacy so that it will continue to run smoothly when I am in college next year. As always, your prayers and support are so very, very appreciated!

Jan. 23 – Jake Murray: Today we left Matthew 25 and headed up the mountain to Seguin. We stopped in Jacmal for lunch after driving about 3-4 hours through the mountains. We ate lunch at a park right on the ocean. The view was great and the sun was shining. After that we started the long (and very bumpy) drive up the rocky road, switchbacking along the mountainside. We arrived just before dark and had a very good rice and chicken dinner. We are getting settled into bunk beds right now. Today was a very long day and we are all very tired. That said, today was also a very good day; the views along the road were spectacular. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

Joelyn Harkema: God is good. After a long day’s travel we made it safely to Seguin. We have met amazing new friends who help us understand the local languageand make us feel at home. We saw children shouting and waving as we passed by. I am truly blessed and am excited to begin our journey this week in Seguin. I am also so thankful for this group who has come along side us “new ones” to help guide us. Praise be to our good and merciful God!

Bruce Murray: Great day today. I got to drive up the mountain, and was in 4 wheel low a lot of the time. Really cool 2 tracking. In Seguin now and setting up camp and clinic. Praise GOD for all the safe travels. Weather is great too 88 and sunny today and now cooling off tonight. Night for now, open clinic in the am and start seeing patients tomorrow. More stories to follow. Love to our families from Haiti.

Gary Bissonette: Today packed up 30 large suitcases, 12 water containers and 16 carry on bags in the back of two short bed trucks. The remaining backpacks and 27 people piled into total of 5 vehicles and we made our way up to Sequin. The total trip took 8 hours with a stop at the Sea of Antilles for lunch. We stopped at the memorial for our lost friends and said a special prayer. We placed a cross necklace on the statue that Mike had given to Mary.
The road up to Seguin is still very rocky and rough. The only incident was a goat that ran in front of the SUV. He went up onto the hood but was off running looking no worse for the wear. We unloaded before dark and are getting situated in our sleep areas. A lot of work tomorrow morning to get ready for clinic.

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