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First Day of Dental Clinic 1/9/16

Catherine Mish:  This is my third trip to Seguin, Haiti. On my first two trips, I worked in the medical clinic. On this trip, I am working in the dental clinic, so the work is a little bit different than what I have done before. Although I don’t work in a medical field in the United States, I have learned to sterilize dental instruments here in the Seguin clinic. The dentists have seen an incredible number of patients during our first two days of the dental clinic. The three Haitian dentists are extracting many teeth. I find the dental work very interesting, and am thinking now that maybe I should have become a dentist!

The weather was hot in Port au Prince, but it is much cooler at our elevation of over 6,000 feet above sea level. On the trip to Seguin, we stopped at a beach in Jacmel. The beach was very beautiful and there were local kids selling wooden souvenirs, bracelets, and shells they had gathered on the beach. The drive up the mountain was the usual “bumpy” ride, and we did not get up to Seguin until after dark because we had spent a few hours at the beach on the ride up.

I am looking forward to seeing Roger’s house, and maybe visiting Ryan’s Peak some time in the next few days. 🙂

 Allison J. Bartosh:  I am more than blessed to have been invited to be a member of this dental mission trip to Haiti. With this being my first outing on this annual trip, I did not know what to expect. Needless to say, there has not yet been a dull moment. From meeting my team members at the airport in Grand Rapids to getting comfortably close to them on the long, bumpy ride up the mountain to Seguin, it was a great kick off to the week. The people of Seguin are humble and grateful for our presence and it makes me happy to see the impact that the dentists, my teammates, and myself are making in their oral hygiene and health. Although I have little dental knowledge, I still feel like I am a big help to the dentist who are flying through patients and extracting almost 200 teeth a day! I am looking forward to Mass tomorrow and to see the Haitians fill the church – all dressed in their Sunday best. The landscape and scenery around the rectory continue to surprise me every day and I am eager to see what rest of the week brings!

Izzy Babkowski:  I am happy to be back for my second trip to Haiti! It was so nice to enjoy the hot Port-au-Prince weather after the cold Michigan weather. The drive to Seguin wouldn’t be the same without some sort of technically difficulty. Luckily this time it was nothing serious and we got “stuck” on the beach in Jacmel; not a bad place to spend a few extra hours! Last time I worked in the pharmacy on the medical/dental trip, this year I am working in the sterilization station in the dental clinic. It’s a little different but just as busy. The dentists are pulling teeth left and right, we have pulled almost 200 teeth just today! All the kiddies that I remember from my last trip are all grown up, but there are still lots of cute kiddies running around.  The Haitian people are as hospitable and kind as ever.  I am looking forward to church and school this coming week to see even more of the Seguin community!!

Kelly Ryan:  Although this is my seventh trip to Haiti, it is my first time working in the dental clinic.  It is a big change from my comfortable pharmacy.  Instead of work with medications, I am working with tools and pressure cookers.  I did get to use some pharmacy skills when I prescribed medications and gave Creole directions.  This is the smallest team I have been on, but it is one of the most fun.  I’m looking forward to the rest of clinic.  As always please keep our team in your thoughts and prayers as we help our brothers and sisters in Seguin.

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