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First Night in Haiti

It’s my first visit to Haiti. My husband has been here several times. It’s my first night and I’m humbled by the people. As we drove around the city I already have a sense of why so many people on the team say that they hate to leave. Enjoyed the night at Matthew 25 meeting people from different cities all with the same purpose. I’m excited to get to Seguin and heed the call in James to put my faith to work. -Cheryl Murray

I was with the second half of the team that arrived today. It was great to be all together and have our prayer service tonight. As I type this on the rooftop of Matthew:25 I can hear the Haitian people singing. Their voices are beautiful as they praise the Lord. Looking forward to seeing Father Gilbert and our brothers and sisters of Seguin tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers while we are on this year’s mission. -Joan Faith Bissonette

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