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Fluoride and Water Filters

Tom Badaluco ~ Enjoying living in my second home, Haiti. Once or twice asked why I come to Haiti, my answer is always, “Because I’m supposed to”. That may seem too simple to some people, but to anyone who has been here, they will understand my answer. Flying down here to live with and work with and help try to improve the life of the Haitians is a blessing as well as a personal gift.

These past two days I’ve been with three dedicated Americans to give fluoride treatments to 500 school children in Fond Parisian, St Joseph’s Parish. The children were given toothbrushes and a dab of toothpaste and instructions how to best brush their teeth and gums and tongue. Our group of four “technicians” then applied the fluoride to their teeth. We hope this leads to much better oral health, but even it’s a temporary fix, it still may lead to better long term dental health. There is so much help needed by this land of precious people. May God Bless those with a continuing dedication to help improve the lives of all Haitians. God Bless Haiti.

Pat Defever ~ Hi everyone.  What a day we had today.  Went up to Thoman and put fluoride treatments on 425 students!!  Saw the inside of so many mouths today.  Glad I did not go into dentistry!!!!   The kids were great.  All of them are in uniforms,and I was amazed at their behavior.  They formed their lines and followed directions to a tee.  It was an experience I will never forget.   (They probably will never forget me either … that old lady with the white skin.)

After that we went down to La Roche to check on the filter system.   Wow, that was a real eye opener for me.  Hard to believe and understand how people can live in such poverty and be happy still.   The kids were so darn cute.  The little ones kept rubbing my arms or touching my hands.  As we went from house to house we found some people were using the filters correctly and others not so.  Tim and Patrick left them all with instructions as to how to use them and the chlorine tablets.  The mountain was a challenge to walk up, but I made it up and down too!!!!!  More tomorrow. Blessings….

Lavina Dise ~ It has been one busy day today. First we went to Thoman to the public school and did fluoride treatments. It is so good to see the children line up to brush their teeth and have us brush this fluoride on their teeth. If only you could have seen their faces. These children are so sweet and happy.

After the fluoride, we went to La Roche and visited about 20 homes with the bucket system to see if they were using them right, some were and some not so good. But it is wonderful that Tim and Patrick were able to give instructions on how to use them. We were able to go in some of the homes but some brought the buckets out on the porch.  I sure do enjoy coming to Haiti and doing God’s work. I come to Haiti to help where it is needed, but I go home with more than I come with (God’s blessings).

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