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Fond Pariaien, Haiti 11/9/12

Lisa Ringler: Yesterday we went to a parish that is nestled on the side of a mountain. The people who live there survive on very little. The closest water is not clean and is about 2 ½ hours walking distance. Kettering Engineering is considering helping them build some kind of water treatment system so that they may have something much closer. I couldn’t imagine having to walk about 5 hours to go get 4-5 gallons of water and then going through the same process again tomorrow.
One of the things that I enjoyed the most is taking pictures of the kids and adults and then showing them the picture. They all want to see every picture, they laugh, make faces and then want another one taken again. It’s so cute to see how such a simple thing can bring so much pleasure.



Emily Swanson: Today we went to Immaculate School to provide Fluoride treatments to the elementary students. There were about one hundred eighty kids in the schools we were able to provide Fluoride for. I am glad that we are able to start treatments for the children at such a young age as it provides them the routine that will help in their future dental hygiene patterns. Hopefully the supplies left, and that will be sent in the future will be beneficial, and improve their overall health.
My favorite part of the visit was being able to interact with the really young children. I think the wonderment and curiosity of that age is a universal. It gave us a chance to interact and hopefully help shape their future dental habits. It has been such an amazing experience so far. I can not wait to see what tomorrow holds!..



Lavina Dise: This week we have been working with two dentists here at Fond Pariaien, Haiti. They have been pulling teeth for 4 days now and I have helped set up. It has been very enjoyable to see that the people here really are happy to see us. Even though they are in pain they have the most beautiful smile. I am so blessed to be here.
We put in a well here last year and the people are so happy to have drinking water. The water is good drinking water and people come from all over to get their drinking water.




Terri Swanson: A most enjoyable and fulfilling week. The main focus is the Dental Clinic-1st time for this Parish. The Dentists working with us are from Haiti It has been fun working with them. They are the best. Everyone loves the pretty little faces of the school children – watching them swish and spit the Fluoride treatment we gave them. The Schools are very receptive to the Fluoride Care and we’re pleased. It has been a hot week – but so good to be here!

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