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Friday am Update 1/29 – Quite a Story – Pray

Everything is going well according to Troy’s call last night. Good news, Bill and Jane did make contact with the priest they were worried about! Troy mentioned how glad he was that Dr. Hoekman, the ortho surgeon, is on the team. Although there is not an OR ready for him yet, he has been busy with lots of major debridement and casting. Grandma called Troy from Grace Children’s yesterday reporting a 9 y.o. girl with a visibly unstable compound fracture in her leg. She had been given some sort of traction device in the immediate aftermath but it wasn’t working and Dr. Hoekman wanted her to be transferred for surgery. A driver, Troy, Dr. Hoekman and the girl’s uncle drove her to the compound the University of Miami Hospitals has set up near the airport. The traffic hit a standstill 3/4 of a mile from the compound and Troy carried her the distance with Dr. Hoekman supporting her leg. Poor thing. Troy said if the little girl moved her leg it would bow out and give you one of those creepy gross images you see in replays for years when something like that happens to a football player on TV. She would scream in pain if it was moved. If that wasn’t enough, this little girl lost her entire family in the earthquake. Her uncle, who Troy guessed was in his early 20’s, also lost lots of family. Unless it is someone you have become close to, Troy said it is very uncharacteristic for a Haitian man to hug you. After getting the girl and her uncle settled and getting ready to leave, Troy said the uncle embraced him as he was saying thank you. Troy described the hug as clingy and desperate. I had not heard Troy cry since being in Haiti until last night when recounting this experience. I can’t even image the nightmare that young girl and her uncle are living. The girl is similar in age to my Evan. I can’t bear to think of it. Please pray. Katie

3 thoughts on “Friday am Update 1/29 – Quite a Story – Pray”

  1. praying right now, with tears in my eyes…. thankful there are caring God loving people there to help her and so many others. prayers for all of you go up SO often during my day!!

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. It is so hard to be here knowing our friends are there working so hard. Our hearts continue to break for haitian friends.

  3. Katie, Your descriptive narrative of what is happening in Haiti brings me to tears and I am praying for the Lord’s protection not only for Beryle and Troy, but also for all the caregivers and the Haitians who so desparately need help and attention. Thank you for communicating and being the link to the work being done. I pray for Troy’s strength and am so proud of the good person he is….his father would be so very pleased with his call to service. When I remember Troy as a young boy I see him running on those Haitian soccer fields. God was preparing him then for a time such as this to share his medical and language skills with his adopted brothers and sisters. Thanks to you for the strength and love you provide from home. May God continue to bless this work.

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