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From Denise Brink 3/22

We finally made it to our destination for the week.  We are actually in Sassier- a very rural town up in the mountains that required a long and very rocky ride to get here.  It actually makes the roads in WV look straight! But it is absolutely beautiful.  Very green.  Very lush.  I’m not sure what I expected but it wasn’t this!  We have a very nice set up here.  This afternoon we had a couple of hours of clinic time.  Then, believe it or not, I got to take a shower.  By shower I mean a bucket of cold water but it was refreshing and I’am happy.   I never expected to have internet here…it’s amazing where technology can go!  The place that we are staying in is a “sister parish” to one outside of Chicago.  There is a school, church and then the clinic.  We will be getting 3 meals a day so there goes my “diet!” 

I miss you guys but I know you are doing well.  I will try to call again… I haven’t turned my phone on since getting here but I imagine that I will probably have service!

Extra hugs and kisses to you!  Max, only 8 more sleeps until I’m home!  Have a great day at school! 

I love you guys!



2 thoughts on “From Denise Brink 3/22”

  1. Hey Girl!! Glad you are there 🙂 All of us in the ED at Holland are happy you made it there safely and praying for the good work you are doing in Haiti!!! 😉 Love you all!! ~delynn

  2. Denise – so great to see your name and “hear” your voice in your post.
    We are praying for you and your family daily.
    the Willemsteins

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