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From Dr. Troy Silvernale

Troy called this morning. The wound clinic at Matthew 25 continues. Having staffed this now for days, Troy said Peter is starting to see some improvement in many wounds. One concern though is sanitation and problems arising from a lack of it. Matthew 25 shares a wall with the large soccer field that has become a big tent city. A corner of the field has been used for defecating and has therefore attracted lots of flies which in turn have been swarming around people’s wounds (yuck.!) The team is brainstorming on what they can do to at least get the worse wounds out of this area. Troy has been impressed with the German team working out of Grace Children’s. There were 2 people transported from there yesterday for more specialized care. Troy accompanied the patients and drivers as not only a physician but an interpreter. The 4 month baby that was severely dehydrated and malnourished was taken to the Israeli hospital which he was very impressed with. Troy is not completely confident that she will survive but she did pass a little urine on her mom on the way over, so we can pray… Another patient’s wound infection needed more specialized care and was taken to a hospital set up at the airport by the University of Miami. Driving to the Israeli hospital compound took Troy further downtown than he had been since his arrival to Port-au-Prince. Where they are working and staying definitely has intermittent pockets of collapse and ruin, but he said the downtown area was much worse and just devastating to see. He also said he had witnessed pockets of stench from the unthinkable but it was much more pervasive downtown. Aftercare needs still exist (wounds and dehydration) but Troy said he has now seen a shift towards addressing chronic issues. He has seen many cases where the diabetics and hypertensives are saying “My medicines were all in my house that is now gone.” or “My doctor is dead.” Yesterday, there was a gentleman with prostate cancer that was scheduled for surgery the day after the quake. This obviously didn’t happen and he has not been able to pass urine. A suprapubic catheter was able to be placed. Troy expects that all these issues are what the team coming in today will be addressing. He said “CNN won’t be covering what we’re doing but it needs to be done.” This morning, the team was going to have clinic at the Methodist Guest house until about 11am then head to Grace Children’s. The medical director returned there last night and another team of physicians and nurses from Texas is arriving so our team wants to touch base with them, evaluate space, etc. The second installment of our team arrives in PAP today at 3:30pm so Troy will be meeting them and arranging pick up. All in all, I think things are going well. It’s a crazy place even without an earthquake. The natural disaster along with the teams that are flooding in (many without a plan,) have made logistics a nightmare. I am proud of the work our team is doing. According to Troy, although none of them knew each other before Haiti, this is a great group of people who is working together well. Please continue to pray for them and the country. Katie

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