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From Jan Machiela 3/26-3/28

March 28 – Hello All!  Our day started at 7AM with a procession led by the priest and alter boys from the school to the church,singing and waving branches, again amazing!  The church was packed full and the service was about 1 1/2 hours.  Very cool to be worshiping with people who I have come to care so much about.The people are so grateful for our service here and rely that gratitude over and over.  As a team we feel we are the ones who have been served.  Last night the people had a party for us with three tables of food and music with speakers-that is the highlight or their evening.  These Haitians do love to party!
Plans are to spend some time at the beach this afternoon, but we only have one car,so the team has to go in two trips.We will again be able to spend some time with our interpreters, who are the backbone of the team.  I feel these people are a select group.  Not only do they know the language well they are also people with strong convictions 
God has answered many prayers,-now just for more for safe and efficient travel for home.
March 27 -What an adventure!  We were able to spend about 3 hours in downtown  Jeremie.  So many sights-an old church with a funeral in progress, Tony’s (one of our interpreter’s) business, he sells cell phone minuets, the pier with fishing boats and the ferry just arriving from Port au Prince. Dr.  Marx gave us a tour of the hospital-so many sad casesand hopeless siturations, but he just goes on seeing his patients-all the while volunteering.  You can’t help but praise God for people like him.
The  children are delightful.  They  want there pictures taken and then of coarse you have to show the picture to them.  Kate and I contemplated buying  machetes but wondered how we would get that back in our carryons.
Again the time here in Haiti has been rich in many experiences.  I will need much time to sort them all out.  The main thing I see again and again  is the hope and resilience of these people and when talking to them, seeing there deep faith in a God who cares so much about them.
There will be difficult goodbyes to awesome friends in the next few days, and readjustment to our own worlds may be difficult, but we will all carry  so many memories that will last forever.   

March 26 -Today we one of our sickest patients– this is Kate and Jan working as
a team! Go team! 🙂 We had a little 7 year old girl with Down Syndrome
who had a Mastoiditis. She was very afraid of us and screamed until we
gave her the necklaces that my gave me to give out. It was then
decided that she needed to get IM Rocephin, so Kate and I had to give
her two shots at the same time in her legs. She screamed of course. We
hope they come back tomorrow to check on her progress because her
situation could very serious as we had a similar situation at the
hospital where a 12 year old girl in Zeeland died from something

After we played a couple games of Euchre and then headed out for an
adventure walk. Our guides were again the same boys from yesterday.
One of them took us to his grandfather’s tomb which was quite large
and elaborate. The scenery was beautiful and it makes glad that the
young boys are excited to show off the beautiful scenery of their

Tomorrow will be our last clinic day and then we will probably go to
walk around Jeremie for the day. Mike Page went to the hospital in
Jeremie tonight and was so impressed and wants us to see it. So maybe
that will be on the agenda for Sunday. Thanks for your prayers. We
certainly can feel God’s presence here and in our team. Haiti is a
life changing experience. Love, Jan

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