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From Jim Cwengros 3/24

 Survived first full day of clinic. Fairly busy but less so than PAP. More primary care but more sick babies. Some are not thriving. Mothers unable to breastfeed and too poor to buy formula. It was hard to see them starving especially for Denise who is the nurse that cared for one. She just stopped breast feeding her 4 month old when she came on the trip. Funny story to share when I get home. Hardest part for me has been work conditions. I work outside but under blue tarp. No breeze. Sun turns it into an oven and my scrubs are soaked. I’ll just pace myself.

. It rained very hard last night. I can’t imagine how hard it was for those under sheets.

We’ve been working with a doctor here who was Haiti’s ambassador at the United Nations – interesting fellow. Listening to singing this morning. They hold church at 6 every morning. Thank God – just what I need!

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