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From Troy by Katie Silvernale (Jan 2010 team member)

Hi everyone,
I spoke with Troy only briefly yesterday afternoon.  He was once again asking me to relay a message to our friend Mary – more med requests.  Mary is a CPA who has very efficiently and effectively filled the role of pharmacist for the many years she has been going to Haiti.  Bless her heart, she had to be at the Amway hanger at 4:30 this morning to travel with the third installment of this group and she was still delegating, collecting and packing late last night. 
It has been amazing, even with such short notice, the medication, supplies, food and drink that have been donated.  Thanks again to everyone who has pitched in and to Amway.  With this type of air travel, we have not been limited to a certain number of bags/pounds per person.  I’m sure there is an overall weight limit but I know they have put lots and lots on those planes.  Troy said that because the airport is now like a US military base, he can just drive a truck right up to the plane, unload and get the supplies right where they need to go.
Anyways, when I spoke with him yesterday, he was coughing a lot and having trouble sleeping because of it.  I’m sure the dust has to be affecting everyone this way.  I think he must have tried to turn in early last night because he sounded really chipper when he called me SUPER early this morning!!
Bill, Jane and Tom have a friend who got through the DR to Haiti with a rental car.  She needed someone to drive it back for her so they will plan to do this and keep their commercial flights out of Puerto Plata.  This will also allow their driver Ruben and his van to stay and be of service to the rest of the team.  Bill, Jane and Tom went south today to connect with a priest they have known through prior work in Haiti.  Apparently, there was lots of worry as to whether or not he survived the earthquake.  They have spoken to someone who knows he came through with only bumps and bruises.  Praise God a reunion was possible.
Today the team will run clinics at the Methodist Guest house, Pastor RoRo’s and Grace Children’s.  At the guest house, they will see kids from the Methodist school and surrounding neighborhood.  Donnette who runs the guest house has been so good to them and we are very thankful for her.
Daily clinics at Pastor RoRo’s will serve the children at the school he runs as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.  This location is closer to downtown.
The German team is leaving Grace Children’s today to focus their work elsewhere.  Our team will continue a primary care clinic there.  There is currently no way to sterilize equipment there but as soon as the Army works this out, surgery will be a possibility there for Dr. Hoekman, the ortho surgeon with our team.
The team Troy has connected with from Texas consists of 2 pediatricians, a peds ICU doctor, an internist and some nurses.  These personnel will be splitting their team up amongst these three clinics too.  It sounds to me like there will be lots of children served so this is great!!
Please join me in thanking God for how everything has seemed to fall into place for this team to be able to make an impact. 

3 thoughts on “From Troy by Katie Silvernale (Jan 2010 team member)”

  1. What an awesome work you are all doing – all of you, those here in Michigan and those in Haiti!! God is smiling down on ALL of His people and the love that is being shared between so many people. I pray for your health and safety as you do God’s work in Haiti. I’m sure my friends Mike Page, Sarah Ashley & Tiffany Busscher will not see this, but I’m praying for you and the whole group OFTEN this week! Love to you all & God Bless.

    ~DeLynn Unema

  2. Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted.. We are all praying for you. Dr. Troy…Mom Beryle….thinking of you! Three DR> from Marion (IN) went down this week. (Dr. Swan (gyn/ob), Edwards (ortho)and Chowattukunnel (eye)…H. Sparks

  3. Katie…Thank you for the update. What a team you are Troy are. What an impact you have made in Haiti and indelibly in the minds of your sons. I am sure they will carry on your AMAZING efforts. XO Margaux Drake

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