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Mary LaPonsie Full of Faith and Gratitude

Awesome, awesome, awesome. All is well. The people here are full of faith and gratitude. At night I go to sleep to the sound of people in the tent cities singing God’s praises. They are thanking God for all that they have. I spoke with a young lady today who lost everything except her purse and the clothes she was wearing. “Thank God I have my life.”. She is living in the street with her 18 year old little sister, but she does not complain. .

I see so much life among the broken buidings!

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. We feel His grace.


1 thought on “Mary LaPonsie Full of Faith and Gratitude”

  1. Amazing… we who appear ‘so priviledged’ in west michigan have SO MUCH to learn from the people of Haiti. They really seem to understand faith and grace and gratitude and contentment so much more than we do!! I thnk they really ‘get’ what is important in this life on this earth. God Bless everyone in Haiti and here at home tonight. Help us to be thankful. Blessings and Love to the teams working there tonight!!

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