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Gerald Keenan (currently on a medical team in Jereme Haiti)

This is a message from the group that we donated our remaining medical supplies.  They are working in Jereme where some people have not been seen by a doctor since the quake.  Many people left the city in fear and now are in need of medical attition.

Hi Mary,
I am here. Playing head of the pharmacy today. Finally got to open all of your stuff today. Wonderful blessing. Ofer was in the hospital when I arrived, with the GI malady some of your team had. 2 liters of IV, immodium and rice for dinner got him up and running Monday AM. We have been vey busy. Two surgeries remaining tonight when I left the hospital at 7 tonight. Ofer is getting lots of good stuff, although so much of it is very sad.
Take care, thanks again for all the wonderful stuff, esp the morphine, which has come in very handy for the surgeries

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