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Goodby Seguin, Hello Port au Prince

KyleKyle Ramthun: Koman ou ye. My first trip is coming to an end. Today we made our bittersweet exit from Seguin and make the trek down the mountain back here to the Matthew 25 house. I’m genuinely grateful that I was afforded this opportunity. Countless people and a phenomenal amount of effort and organization made this trip a ‘success’–from the leaders to my teammates to our interpreters to the gracious people of Port Au Prince and Seguin. There was much mutually exchanged on this trip: faith, smiles, wisdom, and growth. Our trip has been safe and, in many ways, therapeutic. God is truly omnipresent and all-surpassing. He has worked through this trip to stamp an indelible mark on many peoples’ hearts. I hope to be back again.
PS: Swimming in Jacmel was tre bon’.

1 KellyKelly Ryan: My fourth trip is over and I’m not ready to leave. We had a successful and safe mission and were able to help so many people. The ride home was a lot of fun and one of the many times that I have wished that I could take pictures with my eyes to capture everything that the camera could not. Debbie, Michaela, Beth, and I got our hair braided by two Haitian girls in Port au Prince. I cannot wait for my next trip here! A big thanks to all the people who made this trip possible and to all of my fellow teammates who were absolutely wonderful to work with!

MacalaMichaela Farley: Back in Port au Prince from Seguin! What an amazing trip it has been, and so many wonderful people to share it with!!! I can’t get over that fact that we come home tomorrow, it flew by and I wish we could stay longer. I will be bringing back many pictures and memories and also a half braided head of hair. Thank you to everyone for everything you have contributed and also the families and friends who have supported us all in this mission, it truly has been another life changing experience for me. I will be back soon for round 3!

BethBeth Carrier: Well, I can’t believe that we’re back at Matthew 25 sitting around under the stars recounting many of the memories from this past week that will not soon be forgotten. It’s hard to imagine that it was only a week ago when we first landed in Port au Prince, many of us complete strangers. The people on this trip now have a special place in my heart and memories; teammates, interpreters, and the people of Port au Prince & Seguin. I had the privilege to spend time and work with amazing people for a wonderful cause, what more could I ask for?
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