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Goodbye, and See Ya Soon, Haiti!

Hannah Swanson ~ It was a fun-filled day today! We got to visit Mother Theresa’s orphanage.  This was an experience of a lifetime.  We spent our time just being able to hold and cuddle the little ones.  It’s so heartbreaking seeing all of these little babies that just want love that they don’t receive often.  I absolutely fell in love with an 8-month old little boy that did not want to leave my arms, (my mom almost got a little Haitian grandchild).  Then after, we traveled throughout Port au Prince and saw the most amazing view at the top of a mountain and then did a little shopping at the local markets.  This place is truly amazing and I can’t believe I was able to have this experience.  I am so blessed for that.  This will not be my last time here so, SEE YA SOON HAITI!


Bob Swanson ~ Oh my gosh, what an experience at the orphanage.  I left there with tears in my eyes.  All those children who were in need.  To have those little ones in in my arms and then to have to walk away from them is heartbreaking.  Having said that, Mother Theresa’s Orphanage is amazing.  To see what they do to help the little ones coming in who are severely dehydrated or malnourished and the nuns there are willing to take care of them so well.  They do a lot of good work there.  It is also awesome to think we are walking in the same tracks that Mother Theresa walked in.  The afternoon was spent doing some site seeing in Port Au Prince.  What an amazing country and I am sorry we are leaving tomorrow.  The week has flown by and I am not ready for it to end.  It was awesome that I was able to share this experience with my mother, daughter, nephew, and awesome people like Lavina and Tim.  I am so thankful to the people of St. Michaels who helped to sponsor this trip and made this all happen.  Your generosity is amazing.  I feel blessed to have what I have.  The people of Haiti do not have nearly what we have but you never hear them complain.


Terry Swanson ~ Our journey is nearly over.  The day was a very special one.  Being with the children and babies at Mother Theresa’a House is touching.  They love to be snuggled and hugged.  Putting them back into their beds is the hard part.  It is sad to leave them crying to be held more.  The young boys loved the soccer balls.  We enjoyed watching them play.  The afternoon was seeing the sights of Haiti and shopping for special things to bring home. Though it will be good to be home I find leaving Haiti sad.  This was a week that was very special.  Because of the accomplishments and the joy of being with this team…..Tim, a faithful friend of Haiti and my mentor, Lavina who works so hard and is always with the traveling team.  Having my son and 2 grandchildren be a part of the dental clinic was such blessing.  I am grateful!


LaVina Dise ~ Today is our last day. and I am so thankful that we were to visit Mother Theresa’s Hospital. It is wonderful to see the babies and hold them and give them all the love we can. They are so beautiful and just need all the love we can give. The children love the soccer balls and toys we brought them. We hove a lot of pictures to share with everyone when we get home. Hope to see you soon. Tomorrow morning we are on our way home and will be home at night. I thank God for a wonderful trip and for being able to get so much done.


Daniel Swanson ~ Yesterday I was not able to go to the last day of the dental clinic because I was sick when I woke up, but by the end of the day I was feeling back to normal for the most part thankfully.  Although, I do wish I could have made one last trip up into the mountains before leaving Haiti.  It was one of the most scenic and beautiful places I have ever been.  Now that we are back in Port Au Prince, we are staying at Wall’s guest house again and have been loving the air conditioning at night.  Today was a good day to relax and go to Mother Theresa’s Orphanage and do some sight seeing.  We were not able to take pictures there, but holding the babies there was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  I could tell that they loved the attention from everyone that was there to spend time with them.  After the orphanage we were able to do some sight seeing, and we went to a restaurant overlooking all of Port Au Prince, and ate lunch with the most scenic view.  It is hard to believe that this trip is coming to an end now.  I do not have any regrets on coming here at all.  It has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life and I am so thankful for the people that I was able to share it with.  Being here with family has made it all the better and the people I have met on this trip I plan on keeping in touch with.  It was also nice to have Hannah here so that I have someone my age that I am close to.  I am happy to see her, my grandma, and Uncle Bob enjoy this just as much as I have.  I feel blessed that God was watching over us and helping us with everything that we did on this trip.  Haiti is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, and everyone here that we have encountered have greeted us with love. I sure hope that this trip is not my last here.

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