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Goodbye, Beautiful Haiti

ColleenColleen Ryan ~ August 5, 2017. Today as we passed through many sights of Haiti, it came to me, like it has on other trips, of how beautiful and inspiring Haiti is. From above on Radio Hill, Haiti is seen in its true colors as an amazing Caribbean island. This country is filled with color and beautiful culture that is experienced by coming here. In pictures of trash, broken down buildings, and slums, you are not seeing what is truly underneath and the beauty that is so deep in everything in Haiti. My experience of Haiti has been a life changing experience of seeing a country so rich in spirit that I can only now see Haiti in its true colors. The physical beauty of the island is only amplified by the people within, who make the country full of distinct culture and tradition. The crazy driving, the trucks filled to the brim, kids everywhere wanting to take pictures, markets on all the roads, unique art, and most of all the immense joy rooted in the people is what pulls me back to this island every time. I have had another trip of amazing moments, and I cannot wait to come again.

CamyCam Mannion ~ Yesterday we went to the orphanage, and it was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. The kids there have no one but the people that take care of them. Us being there for them so so good but so hard, because you would hold one of the kids and try to give them the affection they need, and then you would go to the next one and the one you just put down would cry and cry because they don’t normally get that love and affection from anyone all day. There are so many kids there that it is so hard for the ladies there to keep up with all of the kids. Some of them sit in pee and just cry because they don’t know what else to do. One kid peed on me but it was so easy not to be grossed out because you realize they have no one but you at that time, and you forget about all the other things and just focus on if they are comfortable and if they feel loved. The toddlers were also hard, because the kids at this age are normally pretty big and can walk, but the kids here are just so tiny, and there are some that can’t even walk. The toddlers are harder to look at in a way because they know that they are left, and they know that they aren’t getting the love that they need. It is easy helping someone in a hospital that you know when you finish helping them they have a family to take care of them and love them. But the sick kids here don’t have that. All they have are the people who help out, and the people like us that come to visit. It was an amazing experience to be there to help those kids.

ErinErin Mangan ~ April 6, 2017. Yesterday we went to three different places around Port-Au-Prince. We went to a place called Tin City. There were a ton of shops with amazing artwork in them. Then we went to a restaurant with an incredible view of the island. Lastly, we went to the orphanage. The orphanage is so hard to go to, but I love being able to see all the kids. Showing love to kids who only have the people who take care of them is an experience I will never forget. I am really sad to be leaving Haiti. I wish I could spend more time here with such amazing people. I have learned so much about this country, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you! 🙂

GinaGina Vicini ~ Out of the three places we went to yesterday, the orphanage will definitely stick with me the most. The first room we went in had the sickest babies. When I picked up one of the baby girls, I could feel all of the bones in her back but she still would smile up at me. The worst part of the orphanage would be when you would put the kids down and they would just wail because it could be the last connection they would get with a person for that day besides getting their diaper changed. When we let the toddlers run out on the little playground, they were so happy but would also scream when we had to go. This spring break has been extremely eye opening and will be one I will never forget.

AndieAndie Johnson ~ Yesterday we went to tin city, which was cool to see different peoples artwork, a really nice lunch with a view, and Mother Teresa’s orphanage. At the orphanage, the kids would cling to you due to the lack of touch they receive. Most of the kids were sick, whether it be fevers from the heat or swelled tummies from malnutrition. Being able to meet them and spend time giving them some of the attention they deserve made me both grateful and sad at the same time. Through this whole trip, I have learned to take nothing for granted, like ice and mirrors and paved streets, and to find joy in the little things in life, rather than being greedy and constantly wanting more and more material things. Though my time here has been short, I am sure of the difference we have made on these people, and I am hopeful to see this beautiful country again.

EmmaEmma Moore ~ Today is the last day we are in Haiti. I’m going to miss it so much but I’m very excited to be going home. I’m going to miss this country and all of the people who live in it. I really would like to come again and see all of the amazing people and my friends who live in it.



Abby WAbby Wila ~ Thursday, April 6, 2017. Today is the last day in Haiti. I got to sleep in and after that I showered. Now we are playing Peon. I have enjoyed this trip a lot and got to meet a lot of people. I enjoyed experiencing different cultures and trying new things. This has changed my view on my life and the world we live in. I am very glad that I got to go on this trip of a lifetime and excited to travel more!


CassidyCassidy Triestram ~ Today is the last day in Haiti, and this week feels like it flew by. Although I am going to miss the views, I can’t wait to get into my own bed and get a good night sleep for the first time in a week in a half. Be back soon!!!!!



MargoMargo Milanowski ~ Last night, our group sat atop one of the roofs of the guest house in Port au Prince, enjoying the breeze and cool evening air, listening to music. We were being teens, talking and laughing and fighting over what songs to play, until the power of our section of city cut out. For a few seconds, the only light came from hazy moon through clouds, and everything else was dark. The generators in the guest house kicked on, and our light came back, but the surrounding streets remained dark. We heard yelling in the streets, and our minds jumped to night conclusions, that maybe the power was cut, there was a riot, who knows. People were probably just yelling because the power was out. We assumed this was unusual, but in truth, it’s not. In Haiti, the power may go out. There might not be enough food to feed your children for dinner, that night or the next night or the night after. Success might be making it past infancy. We get to ride a plane home to our cozy beds and lives after a few days without showers, but here, the lifestyle does not end at the close of the week.

26 thoughts on “Goodbye, Beautiful Haiti”

  1. Thank you for going to Haiti and helping them with their lives. It must have been nice seeing the beauty of Haiti. Thank you for helping the families there and giving up your time.

  2. I think it’s such a great thing that you’re all doing for the toddlers and babies. As said in Cam’s post they don’t get a lot of love and I myself love little kids so it would kill me to see them not cared for. Thanks for all you’re doing!

  3. Cam, that’s really sad about the children and how they got so little attention. That’s sad that they cry when you leave because they hardly get any attention at all. It’s even more sad about the toddlers because they understand you’re leaving them. Luckily those unfortunate kids will find homes. Good job on helping all those little kids.

  4. I hear so much talk about about how beautiful the landscape is over in Haiti and it makes me eager to see it for myself. As Colleen said Haiti is very beautiful and inspiring to her. I’m happy to hear that you’re all enjoying the trip and I’m very grateful for all that you’re doing!

  5. Cam- I can’t imagine how sad the orphanage must have been. I bet the kids were adorable though. I think it is amazing that you all took time out of your lives during spring break to go help out. It seems you guys had a wonderful time and I hope to go to Haiti sometime in my life. You guys are doing a great deed in helping those less fortunate.

  6. It is so sad about the power outages that are considered normal in Haiti. We take a lot for granted and just expect the light to come on when we flip the switch, but they don’t have that. Thanks for spending your time there.

  7. Colleen, I’m sure the sites are much more beautiful in a tropical place such as Haiti, probably much more so than Michigan. It’s sad how on the inside there is a lot of trash and slums and isn’t very clean. You’re right, the people within a place are what give it beauty. Good job on helping out in Haiti.

  8. Erin- I’ll bet that all the artwork, scenery, and people are all so wonderful. It would probably be worth the difficulty to get to the orphanage just so you can see all the little kids and play with them. Thank you for giving up a part of your spring break so you can help the people of Haiti. I hope I get an opportunity like that so I can help Hatians.

  9. Colleen-I can imagine the beauties of a country like that and I can only imagine how much trash is there it is really amazing that you give your own time to help people in need from another country non the less.

  10. Cam, it must be so hard to go and see those little kids have little to no food, not much love or attention, and see them cry every time you leave them. But at least you can give them a little more love every time you see them and light up their day. It’s great to see so many people be so happy just by seeing strangers faces.

  11. Cam- I think it’s great that how you and so many others went to the orphanage to help the kids and be with the kids to show them affection. It must have been hard to see how some of those kids live. Thank for going to Haiti for your spring break and helping those in need.

  12. It must of been hard for the group to watch all of those kids running around and in the orphanage when you would pick up one of the kids and having to put them back down then watching them cry

  13. Someday I would really like to visit Haiti especially visit the orphanage. I can imagine it being heartbreaking putting the babies down and know that the baby might not be held for the rest of the day.

  14. That’s a really great thing you guys did to help the people in Haiti. I love how you helped the children at the orphanage and how you made them so happy.

  15. Cam – reading about the orphanage makes me sad, but it also inspires me. It makes me want to go to Haiti and do everything that I can for those kids. I think that no matter who reads about the orphanage, they will want to help the kids. It’s a really amazing and generous thing you are doing when you go to Haiti and work at the orphanage. I hope that I will be able to visit Haiti soon to see the kids at the orphanage and help them.

  16. Andie- Tin city sounds very cool with all the different artwork you get to see. The orphanage sounds sad because of the lack of affection the kids get, but it is great that you and everybody else were able to go and show the kids at the orphanage affection.

  17. I’m so glad that you guys come help those less fortunate. The kids there definitely deserve lots of love and attention. If I went on one of these trips I think I would learn to take nothing for granted, just like Andie.

  18. Colleen- I really liked how you described the beauty of not only the people, but the place in general. It made me really think about the beauty of this world.

    Cam- I love children so hearing about your orphanage experience was really touching. I would never want to leave that orphanage because I’d just want to help all of the poor children.

    Margo- hearing about the power outages were really sad. It makes me sad thinking about how much easy access I have to light, water, family, etc. It was very touching and I am definitely more thankful for what I have in life.

  19. Abby- Sounds fun getting to meet new people and experience a new culture. Thank for helping the people in Haiti, and I hope I go to Haiti one day also.

  20. Abby-hope you had fun making a difference in people’s lives and living in their culture it makes me want to make it there some day my self as well

  21. It must have been very heartbreaking having to see those little kids being malnourished or having other sicknesses. And also when you had to leave the kids after trying to give them as much attention as possible, hearing there cries probably broke your heart so much!!

  22. Colleen- I think it’s really sad how there is broken down buildings and trash all over. Looking at Haiti and how we live makes me feel fortunate for what I have. Thank you.

    Abby- thank you for going to Haiti and spending time with the babies and toddlers. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to leave them.

    Margo- I think that the power cut was real sad. I couldn’t imagine living like that every single day. I appreciate you helping in Haiti:)

  23. Cam, I have always wanted to go to Haiti and I hope I will be able to in high school, I would love to spend time with children who don’t get the love that they need. It makes me feel horrible that toddlers aren’t getting cared for properly and I wish I could help them.

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