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Haiti Feels Like Home

PatrickPatrick Truskowski:  The long journey and my adventures in Haiti have come to an end. Although I am sad I had to leave, there are few feelings that beat being at home. That being said, every day I found something that made me feel at home. Whether it was the blue sky, the friendly people, hanging out with my friends, or knowing that on Sunday we were celebrating the same Mass as I would be back in the States.  Haiti itself now feels like a second home to me. The people are so grateful for everything you do for them. Whether its something as big as helping them build a house or to give them a tarp to put over theirs. It may even be as small as giving the kids a high five or letting them hold your hand as you walk through the mountains. But I personally feel the most important job that we did was deliver water filters. Having clean water can do so many things: help people live longer, stronger, and healthier lives. The joy that comes to people’s faces when they get a water filter is beyond belief. One filter can change a family. Now, add up all the filters we gave out and we are changing the world a small step at a time. Plus, the satisfaction you get when you help people is a feeling that cannot be described with words. I love helping people and going to Haiti turns my love into joy for others. Which is another reason I can call Haiti home.

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