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Haiti is Amazing!

Stephanie Kaminski ~ It’s has been an interesting trip so far. We were delayed a day, gotstuck on the plane for 8 hours, and had to sleep in the airport. But other than that I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to come back one last time. We did water filters today and walked quite the ways. It was worth it though because I know that we are helping them live healthier lives. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store.

Maya McAdory ~ I love Haiti! The people here are so sweet and fun to be around. I’ve improved in my soccer skills by playing with the kids. They all love taking pictures. They see the fun in everything. It’s amazing! I’m not quite used to the elevation here, so the first walk around Seguin was a little difficult for me. But I’m sure I’ll be used to it within the next couple days. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when we play with them, dance with them, and even just speak to them. I can’t wait to meet more people and explore new things!

Stephanie Braun ~ Hey oh my gosh it is amazing here!!! When we landed it was something I’ve never seen before but definitely different. I got stuck in the back of the car, and it was extremely bumpy up the mountain to Seguin :). The water is soo blue can’t wait til we can actually relax by it next year haha. First day we walked to bring water filters to families, when almost home and I drilled my new foot, now in a lot of pain but I will survive. The kids are so cute and nice, Creole is such a cool language. Overall miss and love you all! p.s. give Charlie a kiss for me.

Maggie Kane ~ Honestly Haiti thus far has taught and brought me so many great things. The girls on this trip rock. They are so cool and awesome to hang around. The kids are so happy just by a simple wave or high five. Although it is hard to communicate with most of them, being around them is heart-warming and eye-opening. The experience of putting in water filters today and getting to know the people here totally out-weigh the adversities we had to overcome on the way here. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.

Olivia Kelbel ~ Hey! okay so even though it’s only the second night this trip has taught me so much! At first I was hesitant about having girls I didn’t know on this trip but I love them! They are so fun to hangout and talk to. The kids here are so amazing. I have taken so many cool pictures of them (good thing i brought Mason’s camera:)). Seeing how happy they are when you just give them just smarties and how big they smile is heartwarming. hahaha I lost my phone on the first day but don’t worry I found it(: i miss you so much, ily!!

Maddie Sprite ~ Hi!!! So before going on this trip I obviously knew that I was traveling to a third-world country and that things would be a lot different than what I knew at home.. but it didn’t really hit me until we reached Port-Au-Prince yesterday: so many cars and people walking around like crazy, people selling things everywhere, police with guns like it was no big deal.  It’s really something that can’t be explained until you see it first person.  Arriving in Seguin I’ve realized that it’s the little things in life that matter; the smiles, the hugs, the little waves, holding the kids’ hands, yelling Hello! And seeing a person’s entire day light up.  I’ve been here for only two days now and I am completely and utterly IN LOVE with everyone and everything here.  They are so happy and have already taught me many things I should have realized a long time ago.  I miss you guys at home and can’t wait to see you, but my heart sure does feel at home here too! I love you to the moon and back everyone! 🙂

Lauren Buczkowski ~ Haiti feels like home yet again. The joy in the children’s eyes and the warm hearted laughs of the Haitians fills my heart with happiness. They have so little yet give so much despite what they lack. I am completely in love with every second i spend in this beautiful country. I have already made many new friends and have had many laughs, and it’s only my second day here. Can’t wait to give hope to more families here in Seguin! Love and miss you all.<3

Erin Mangan ~ Haiti is amazing. The children are always so happy, even with the little they have. They followed our car today while we delivered water filters. I have fallen in love with Seguin and the people in it. It is absolutely beautiful here!! The people here have taught me so much and it’s only our second day. Port-Au-Prince was definitely a culture shock. The moment we arrived I already witnessed poverty. It breaks my heart to see people have so little, when we have so much. I miss you so much, and can’t wait to see you! I love reading the letters too!! 🙂

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  1. Laura and David Mangan

    Snow in Michigan today! you ladies are amazing – such inspirations. You keep up the great work and we’ll all keep up the prayers. Miss you erin😉

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