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January 11 in Seguin and in Michigan

News from Seguin:
Dear friends, family, and loved ones,
We started the trip being awakened with our flights cancelled out of GR. We drove to Detroit in a commercial passenger van with 7 large and 5 small suitcases. Flew to Miami, spent Thursday night, and had a very peaceful and beautiful bumpy ride up the mountain on Friday. We stopped at the site of the accident and prayed for all of our friends and family. First day of clinic went well, and for me, being my first dental clinic, I really enjoyed it. Out team worked well together, and we are looking forward to the other days.
Hope all of you are doing great, and of course our Haitian friends are so thankful of our visit and also say hello to you. I am honored to be a part of this Mission, and so thankful for this opportunity.
Betty A. Krauss

News from Holy Spirit Church in Grand Rapids:
Today at Mass we remembered Rita, Jim, Matt, and Mary on this year anniversary. Many family members and friends gathered to remember their gift of life and selfless dedication to help others!

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