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Jeremie Medical Team Update 3/22

The team arrived Sunday and stayed at the Methodist Guest House.  On Monday after a three-hour fueling wait, they arrived by small plane in Jeremie with half their luggage.  The other half should arrive tomorrow.  The house they are staying at has a gorgeous view overlooking a valley with the ocean about five miles away.  The team set up the clinic and saw a couple hundred people in three hours.  About 100,000 refugees moved in with families and friends.      Stay safe, well, and healthy, team.  You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

1 thought on “Jeremie Medical Team Update 3/22”

  1. Glad you all made it there safe. Know you are in our hearts and prayers.. God Bless all of you…(Hugs and Kisses to my daughter Kimberly Smeyers)

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