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Jim Cwengros Update 3/28

Last night our host gave us a party. These people who have so little to eat set out an incredible banquet. They would not eat until we filled our plates. I know many of us felt guilty with some in the village having no food but they wanted to honor our team. Everyone said they are so thankful for our help.

This morning we walked to the school to take part in the Palm Sunday procession. We watched a goat being slaughtered on the way. Father had us sit in front of the church during service. He and the congregation thanked us again. Afterwards, a school children and scouts from a neighboring parish performed – we were told the walk from their parish was 2 hours.

It’s amazing to see these people of little material wealth with their richness of faith. I think that’s one of the things that I like most about coming to Haiti. Your eyes are open to God and His glories – no distractions from all that surround us back home. Once again – we come to give of ourselves, only to receive much more in return.

Everyone on the team has commented on how this trip has positively impacted their life. We have done good work – now it’s time to start home. Looking forward to being back in chilly Michigan soon.

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