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Mike LaPonsie June 6, 2013

Mike LaPonsieMike LaPonsie June 11 Tributes to Jim, Rita, Matt, and Mary.  After dark Tuesday we commemorated Jim and Rita Cwengros, Matt Kutsche and Mary LaPonsie with special activities and remembrances. We started by launching large floating lanterns in front of the rectory into the pitch black Seguin sky. Lighting fire to the base of the lanterns caused them to inflate while we held on. After awhile we let go and the lanterns lifted off (one with a nice save and boost by interpreter Robinson) still aflame at the base. They looked great and gained altitude until becoming specs in the sky.
Then Tim unveiled the memorial cross made by Mark Glover. Thank you, Mark! It’s placed in the front yard of the rectory in the nice area north of the gates. The cross has the names of Jim, Rita, Matt, and Mary on each axis and includes the date 1/11/2013. It looks wonderful and fits in very well with the surroundings. We sang Amazing Grace. Afterwards we gathered in the dining area for a toast, appropriately with Haitian Barbancourt rum: “To Jim, Rita, Matt, and Mary, may we continue their Legacy”.
It was a great night in memory of Jim, Rita, Matt, and Mary. Thank you, Tim, for organizing this.

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