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Kristie Potts Update 3/26

Today was another good day in the clinic.  My first 3 groups of pts were family plans just like the ED at home, only with more kids.  The moms had 4-5 kids each about 1 yr apart..  I saw several kids wheezing today which I hadn’t seen before.  It is hard when giving the Haitians meds with instructions-they don’t seem to understand too well and don’t have clocks for time.  We finished clinic early since we ran out of patients.  We took a walk through the village and got to see inside 2 homes and the school which was very interesting.  A small one room home with a bed and kitchen was for 2 moms and 2 kids. They grow lots of different fruits and veg here-yams, oranges, bananas, plantains to name a few.  The medical team is great and work well together.  To date all are healthy.

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  1. Jeff and Cathy Potts

    Its been great to read the updates. What an experience! We’re praying for a safe trip and lots of patients to be seen.

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