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Kristie Potts Update 3/27

Today we finished clinic early today due to no more patients.  The last patient of the day was a 2 day old that mom walked to bring her in.  After cleaning up some went to the town of Jeremie to see the hospital and town and some of us spent the afternoon in the community.  The afternoon was a highlight for me.  We took another walk down the valley to overlook the river bed with our 3 young Haitian guides.  They are quite thrilled to walk with us for a $1 and candy.  We saw sheep, hermit crabs, goats, chickens, and we think a snake.  We saw a man on a donkey with 10-15 jugs of water in his saddle bags.  Also a house being built from small trees cut down and farmers digging up the fields with axes.
The best of all was our walk to the school.  Micki began singing Alleluia and “Praise ye the Lord”  The kids picked up the song quickly in English and soon we had a parade walking and singing down the dirt road through the village.  More and more kids kept joining us.  Then we played some jumprope and tried to teach some linedancing, which they laughed at.  There was a soccer game going on and a group of older kids practicing for a “prize”.  This included 3 drummers (homemade drums) and kids doing a dance/marching routine.  We were quite the attraction and had about 40-50 kids on the soccer field by the end. The younger kids followed us home and then came in the house to sing with us for the group that went to town.  Tonight they are following us around and calling our names.  These children are so precious and happy despite having so little.  We would love to take a few Haitian children home with us.

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  1. Bonjour,
    You are walking in some old stomping grounds of mine. I was in Haiti with “His Seed Sowers” a number of years ago. We helped build the mission house and I worked with a PA climbing the hills to give care. I agree…the kids are fantastic!! I wish I could give you directions to check on the young girl we still support. The schools we help are in Beaumond, Nan Lundie and that area. There are a number of churches the Seed Sowers planted also. I have been to the Jeremie Hospital with the chicken wire baby bassinets!!
    My sister sent your note to me….It certainly brings back memories.

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