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Last Day in Seguin

Megan Braun- Today was our last day in Seguin :((( All of the friends I have made will stay with me for the rest of my life. The people here are unlike any I have ever met, they are so grateful for everything. This little girl today ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. She never said a word but looked at me in a way that just touched my heart. Shutting down the clinic was not very fun, we kicked up all of the dust and had to put everything away in boxes. After dinner Tim found a present in his room… a HUGE spider. It was the biggest spider I have ever seen Anna just about started crying lol. After that we walked around in the village and saw yet another beautiful sunset. This is a place I will never forget and will always keep near and dear to my heart. Although I want to be home I never want to leave this wonderful place. This week has been full of laughs with new friends, hugs with little kids, and endless smiles amongst everyone here.

Maddie Sprite- Our last day!! I wanna cry 🙁 These friends here are way too hard to leave every time I leave Seguin. We wrapped up the clinic today and came home to be welcomed by THE biggest spider I have ever seen in my life, I almost peed my pants.  I also met and held the sweetest little baby today who I wanted to take home and hold forever. Something about having a child lay their sweet little head on my shoulder makes everything bad in the world seem to stop, even if it’s just for a moment.  Baby took us for a walk around the village, and it was so cool to see everyone living their lives outside of school or the clinic.  The sunset during the walk made my heart that much happier.  I will miss having these hundreds of smiles throughout my day, as no one compares to the people here.  I am looking forward to being back home, but really don’t want to leave at the same time.  I just want to help every single person I come across here.. I wish I had a magical power to do that.  However, I know that even just my little laughs or hand holdings with the kids is doing something. Haiti will always have a huge piece of my heart, and I’m so looking forward to coming back soon.

Lauren Hathaway- As I sit here on the porch surrounded by my new friends, I am struck again and again by how quickly Haiti has become home to me. God has worked some magic here! We arrived only a week ago and already half the village flocks to where we are staying, just to sit on the porch and listen to or share their music with us. This country that everyone thinks is poor really is richer than I could have ever imagined. They have more smiles and love than anywhere else I have ever been. So much beauty that I can’t imagine anywhere in the world even compares. My heart physically aches at the thought of packing up and driving away tomorrow morning. How in the world will I go back to my life of coffee that doesn’t taste like charcoal, children not running towards me with arms stretched out the second I walk out the door, warm food, and not having a hand to hold every second of every day? I love my new friends as if I’ve known them my whole life, and I feel it in return. Their selfless kind of love inspires me beyond anything I’ve felt before. My friend Baby came after dinner, and we went on a walk around the village. The sunset (once again) melted me, along with the young child doing his homework in the dirty alley, the old woman sharing her bread with us, and complete strangers inviting us in and showing us their homes. I am already holding back tears as we soak up these last few hours with the people who have changed my life. I will thank God every day as long as I live for using these people to change my heart for the better. I can’t wait to come back already.

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