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Loud and Joyous Sunday … on Haitian Time

PatrickPatrick Truskowski:  Today, we took an hour and a half journey down part of the mountain to go to Mass.  We were told it would only take us half an hour, but we quickly realized that would not be the case.  So we were an hour late for Mass, but luckily Father waited for us as long as he could and we continued the celebration when we got there.  But in Haiti, if you are an hour late to Mass you will still get there before the first reading even starts.  This is because they take two hours to say Mass and have about six communion songs. After Mass, there was a glory and praise session where everyone was singing and dancing like no tomorrow.  We also received some gifts thanking us for the work of our mission.  Later in the day we went to “Ryan’s Peak” where the views overlooking the countryside are amazing, and you can see for miles on end.  Today was fun experiencing things I have never done before, and I one day hope to do it all again.


StepanieStephanie Kaminski:  We went to church today.  What was supposed to be only a half hour drive, turned into almost an hour and a half drive.  Then Mass ended up being two and a half hours.  It was really long and hot.  Oh well though, we got to celebrate Mass with them, and I liked it.  After Mass, we came back to the rectory so that we could all change out of our nice clothes and eat some lunch.  Then we went to bring a tarp to a house, go to Ryan’s Peak, and the waterfall.  It’s so beautiful at both of those places.  At Ryan’s Peak, it overlooks a lot of Haiti.  It’s so pretty seeing all the mountains.  The waterfall is fun too because it’s pretty, but we also got to play in the water.  Emily almost fell so many times today because the ground is all slimy.  Tomorrow we get to go back down the mountain but this time it isn’t a straight drive, we get to stop at the beach.  I had an amazing trip this year and am sad that it’s almost over.


Emily Emily Ivie:  Today we got to go celebrate Mass with all the Haitians.  They said the trip down to the church was going to be a half hour which in Haitian time means two hours. Today’s Mass was one of the longest, loudest, and hottest Masses I have ever been to.  The Mass lasted two and half hours.  At the end of Mass there was a song that played, and all the Haitians were singing so loud and dancing like there was no tomorrow.  After Mass we went to Ryan’s Peak.  Here we could see all of the countryside and most of Haiti.  We then went to the water source where Miriam, Stephanie, and I were trying to cross the creek barefoot.  Miriam and I almost wiped out and fell into the water many times.  Tomorrow we are leaving Seguin to go back to Port-au-Prince, and on the way we are going to stop at the beach in Jacmal.  I’m sad that the trip is almost over, but I am ready to come home.


MaddieMadilyn Pelak:  Today we woke up early to go to Mass.  Everyone said the trip would only take thirty minutes, but it took about two hours.  When we got to church, it was packed.  There were people standing outside and looking in the windows.  During Mass they brought in baskets of fruit as an offering, and at the end everyone sang and danced.  After Mass we went back to change and eat lunch, then we went to Ryan’s Peak.  Ryan’s Peak was amazing, the view was spectacular.  After that we went to the water source and crossed the river, everyone almost fell in because the ground was slippery.  Laler we ate dinner and played cards.  We are supposed to pack up tonight so we can leave early tomorrow morning.


MiriamMiriam Brooks:  About a half hour into our journey to Mass this morning, we realized we should have just packed up to leave today.  The drive that was only supposed to take us thirty minutes took one hour and thirty minutes.  We were at least halfway back down the mountain when we reached the chapel, but it was well worth it for the experience!  At Mass, the Haitians from the surrounding areas were celebrating the feast of the parish patron saint.  The inside of the church was packed, as was the outside, and people were hanging in the large open windows. The Mass itself was much longer than we are used to, but was filled with singing!  The choir and congregations are in no way shy with their voices, it was very loud and joyous.  After Mass and our drive back to the rectory, we got to tour the Seguin Countryside.  Ryan’s Peak and the water source were just as beautiful as I remember, and incredibly breathtaking!  I am so glad we got to end such an amazing trip with a relaxing day, taking in the natural beauty where these amazing people make their home!

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