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Medical Team Update 1/27

Tim called tonight with an update.  The team is spread out working at:

*Grace Children’s Hospital.  They have been working there, and tomorrow Dr. Hoekman and Gary Bissonette will be starting a surgical suite.

*Tent City of 300 people near the Methodist Guest House.

*The former soccer field at Matthew 25 is filled with about 1,300 people.

*At Pastor Roro’s Clinic, the team saw about 250 people today, and they are anticipating seeing many more as the word gets out.

Mostly they are changing dressings, doing primary care, and seeing sick people.  They also saw some amputees who had already been discharged from the hospital.

There is a sad story about a nurse from New York who was set to adopt a baby, saw the baby in the morning, had all the paperwork, and went to pick up the baby to find the baby dead.  The organization then gave her a two-year old boy.  Hopefully this story will have a happy ending.

A group met tonight to pack more supplies which will be going along with the final team members early tomorrow morning.

To the team in Haiti –  All of us here in West Michigan are thinking of and praying for you daily.  Lots of people ask about you.  The TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers in Grand Rapids and Big Rapids are getting the word out about your healing mission!  It’s so great to hear some good news out of this disaster.  Thank you media, thank you team, and thank you to so many of you who are supporting and praying for the healing of Haiti!

2 thoughts on “Medical Team Update 1/27”

  1. Karen Gilbert, Marshall, MI

    I am following these reports with great interest, and support you all in prayer and good cheer! Dr. Hoekman is my best friend’s brother….and that makes it even more personal. I have so much respect for you– the medical teams and others who have given up so much to be in Haiti today, and feel very grateful that the Haitian people can be helped by such caring, skilled friends like you. Blessed BE!

  2. Glad to hear that Team 3 arrived safetly in PAP.
    Is the entire team staying at the Methodist Guest house?
    Continue on with the great work you are doing, many prayers are with you.

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