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Micki Hopkins Update 3/27

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Dear Family and friends We have completed our clinic here in Sassier, Haiti. We saw about 2000 patients in 5 days. This area does not have many injured by the earthquake but they have 100,000 who are refugees from Port au Prince. They have no tent city but have all been taken in by families in the area. This afternoon some of our group toured the hospital in Jeremie-just horrendous conditions where pts families need to provide all their own food, bedding and many medications. I and 2 others chose to stay in site and hiked about 4 miles with 3 little Haitian boys as our guides-seeing the homes, crop planting of the people. Afterward we walked up 1/2 mile to the school and as we were walking children just kept joining our group so I started singing Hallelu, Hallelu with them and then we did in groups. When we started to sing kids including teens just came out of the area and joined our singing parade. What a glorious time. When we reached the school teens were playing drums and doing a dance routine, kids were playing soccer with a basket ball, and we jumped rope with them. One young man told me how happy it made him to see us participating with the children. I told him how much joy it gave my heart. All the way back the children followed us still singing. Later they were calling to me through our windows. Tim took a video of all of us singing. The children are so loving and just want to put their arms around you-a little taste of heaven when we will be singing God’s praises with every race and creed. I can’t wait for the Palm Sunday service tomorrow. God has been so good to us Love Micki, Mom, and Grandma

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