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Monday at the School

Colleen Ryan ~ Today was our last working day in Seguin. We taught the kids at the school dental hygiene and gave them fluoride treatments.  At their recess, we played with the many toys we had to give them. It was fun to see the little girls playing with the big jumprope for one of their first times, and to see the smiles on their faces. The end of the day included us playing with bouncy balls and soccer balls. Even though our time in Seguin is over, I’m excited for more adventures in Port au Prince later this week.

Bearenger Petrella ~ The last full day in Seguin was a great one.  We started by going to the school and taught the children how to brush their teeth.  We explained the importance of it to all the classes.  After talking to each class we gave them a fluoride treatment.  We were able to play jump rope and other games with the kids during their recess.  It was exciting to interact with them and see their smiling faces.  We headed back to the rectory for the rest the day.  We concluded the day with playing ball, tag, and other games.  I am sad to go and can not wait until next time.  I am thankful for this team and being able to share this experience with everyone.

Emma Moore ~ Today was really cool because we went to the school to visit with the kids. We played jump rope, tag, and a lot of different games. We also taught the children about dental hygiene and why it is important. We also gave all the children a fluoride treatment to help keep their teeth clean. It was so much fun!

Lauren Buczkowski ~ Today we visited the school which is just a short walk away from the rectory.  At the school, we taught kids how to use toothbrushes and fluoride. After school, we played with the kids and then visited Baby, Weebly, and Mackenson’s houses. It was interesting to see kids who give so much but have so little. As my last day in Seguin wraps up, I am spending every last second soaking in the happiness i found in myself on this trip. See you soon G-Rap!

Olivia Kelbel ~ Today we woke up and went down to the school to help teach the kids how to brush their teeth and wash their hands. We also gave some of the classes the hats that people made! They were so appreciative, it was adorable! so good thing we payed extra for them!! Every night before we go to bed we dance to my music hahah with all these kids! Tonight is our last night before we go back to Port-au-Prince where hopefully i can shower!(: miss you all so much!

Stephanie Braun ~ Today was so much fun going to the school to show the kids how to brush their teeth and wash hands. They were so excited to have us at school and jump rope with us. We also gave them knitted hats, which they loved. Still haven’t showered, hoping to when we get to the guest house in Port Au Prince yet doubtful.

Maggie Kane ~ Today was our last day in Seguin and it was a great ending to this part of the journey. As we went to the school to teach the kids hygiene techniques, I was surprised I was able to set the children down and leave them behind. The kids are honestly so cute and so happy we are here. I feel so gross but it is all so worth being here and having this opportunity. I’m seriously so sad to be leaving and really hope I can come back soon.

Becca Dull ~ Today we went to the school and showed the kids how to brush their teeth. After that we walked to Baby, Weebly, and Mackenson’s houses. Baby’s family was there and we got to say hi to his mom and two sisters. A group of kids were there and they led us to Weebly’s house. It was a really nice house and he said sometimes Mackenson stays there with him. But most times Mackenson stays with his brother in a little house that they have. His mom lives up the mountain in a straw house so sometimes he stays there with his brother for convenience. It was really nice getting to know all of these Haitians. I am going to miss them a lot 🙁

Maddie Sprite ~ We went to the school today and I decided that I’m bringing one of the little boys home in my suitcase because he was latched onto me for almost an hour and it was so sad to let him go. 🙁 I don’t want to leave this place… it’s become a second home to me in less than a week and the people here seem like I’ve known them for my entire life. They are so kind and nonjudgemental and make you really enjoy life and being around people.  I’m going to miss them so much.  I have fallen in love with Seguin and everything here and know that some day I will get to see them again.  Still can’t wait to see you guys though back at home! 🙂

Megan Cook ~ Today for our last day in Seguin we went to the school to teach the students there dental hygiene. While we were there we got to play with the kids during their recess. I am seriously so in love with the kids here it’s unreal. This trip has been so rewarding and life changing. I think I might need to come back because this isn’t enough time here. We then came back to the rectory and are hanging with the Haitians.  We are now outside dancing with everyone. I am sad that we have to leave Seguin tomorrow morning and wish I had more time here, but I am so very grateful for the memories!

Erin Mangan ~ Today has been my favorite day from the whole trip. We visited the school in Seguin. That’s where we taught the kids the importance of brushing their teeth. We got to play with them during their recess and the kids were adorable. One little girl wanted me to pick her up and when we had to leave, she wouldn’t let go. I had to have someone help me. I’m sad that it’s our last day in Seguin. I am really going to miss the people here. They are so much fun to be around, and I’m so glad for this opportunity!! I am excited to share the photos I took here with you. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you! <3

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  1. We love reading the blogs! Sounds like an amazing trip. Miss you Steph & Maggie and the rest of the travelers.

  2. Maddie, I knew it would be hard for you to leave those little ones. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures. Love Mom😘

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