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Monday, January 16th

Jim Cwengros – Medical Jan 16th
God always reminds me when I’m here as to how He sees all and provides what we need. We started the day off with 3 motorcycle accident victims waiting for us as we arrived at the clinic – from 2 separate accidents. Two of our providers are an MD and PA specializing in emergency medicine. Many others were seen today and helped. Thanks to Holy Spirit support, dental clinic is receiving much needed new windows – thank you! All worked hard today and will sleep well tonight – after a game of UNO.

Bruce Murray- Had to amputate a baby’s finger today because of severe infection that was compromising the whole hand. I helped Mike today after clinic to put a tarp on the roof of a blind man here. He had a piece of tin to pull over his bed so he would not get wet when it rained. The people here are wonderful. A lady brought us fruit today in thanks. Church yesterday was amazing. The children singing Haitian songs was wonderful. I am amazed children here carry 5 gallon pails of water on their head. Pray tonight for all we have in the USA.

Lori DeBruyne – Triage. Jan 16th. It was a really tough day today- we worked from 8am until 5:15 and I sat for about 25 minutes total all day. It is hard to eat on the balcony as the kids climb the trees and then ask for cookies and rub their bellies. We had a lot of interesting patients today. I was able to hold a lot more babies today! We have a system now where we need to chart the bmi growth and so, I weigh myself- and then hold the baby with me on the scale and then chart their growth.– The papers will then be turned in to the government and we will get assistance for future trips. We have one more full day tomorrow and then on Wed. we will work a half day and then Thursday head back down the mountain.

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