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Monday, January 17

There was some excitement today in the clinic. The team has been hoping to deliver a baby … a lady came in whose water had broken … unfortunately her blood pressure was 144/114, so she was transported down the mountain and admitted to the hospital. Most likely, she will have a c-section, and we will continue to wait for the first live birth in the clinic.

A man came in with a broken arm still from the earthquake. He was in Port au Prince during the earthquake, and a wall fell on him. He tried to get help but couldn’t, and this is the first time a doctor has seen his badly broken arm. We are hoping to hook him up with some orthopedic surgeons who come to Haiti on a rotating basis.

Just now 8:00 pm, a family brought in on a horse a man with a broken leg, and they are seeing what they can do for him.
The medical and dental clinics are very busy. Keep on sending those prayers!

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