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Roads, Countryside, Singing, Masses, 11/11

Emily Swanson: Today we were able to visit two of the Parish’s other chapels. It was so nice to leave the city and see more of the country side. They were in the midst of repairing the roads after Hurricane Sandy. The gravel from the dry river bed was being used to repair and fill the deep rivets. I have to say I will never complain about the Michigan roads or potholes again. Some of the dips were multiple feet wide and deep amidst the winding mountain roads. It made for a very interesting ride. The view was breathtaking though so worth every minute.





Terri Swanson: One of my favorite things is hearing the voices as they blend in song. We hear the choir early morning mass – the voices just fill the church. The Haitian people love to sing, and they do it beautifully. We visited the Chapels today – In Notre Dame we visited Mass. I am so glad we had this opportunity. The people living in the chapels are so grateful for anything you can do for them. They are warm and loving. Roseanne, you have been a part of us this whole trip. We think of you, talk about you, and toasted you with our Prestige.





Dennis Defever: Haiti is much bigger than I ever thought. It is very beautiful in the mountains and very busy in the city. Mass was very long, but the singing was beautiful. More tomorrow.






LaVina Dise: This is my seventh trip here, and tonight is the first night I have had a Prestige, and I love it! I miss Roseanne; I wish she could have talked me into a Prestige last time she was here. I have been blessed with each one of my trips, and my life has changed tremendously. This trip was special because we came with two wonderful Dentists that helped so many people, and to see their beautiful smiles. I love their masses even though I don’t understand what they are saying because their singing is beautiful. I feel good because Father Vilnor wants us to come back.





Lisa Ringler: We were able to close down the dental clinic yesterday seeing about 50-60 more patients who might have anywhere from 1-5 teeth pulled. Dr. Brice and Dr. Peterson were very good with the patients and the rest of us handled the sterilization of the instruments and whatever else needed to be done. Most of the equipment was left in Fonds Parisien for future dental clinics. It felt good to help some folks, but it was also nice to finish and move out of the back of the church where we were staying for the past 4 days. Our group has gelled nicely together, and I’m fortunate to have met such nice people.

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  1. So good to hear from all of you!!! Cannot wait to hear about the whole trip. What a wonderful and great experience.
    Love..Pat Defever

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